The Best From Soap & Glory

Soap & Glory is such an iconic brand, you can recognise the packaging and classic scent a mile away. I always find myself wandering down the body isles of Boots to see if they've released anything new as I'm pretty sure I've tried most of the line throughout the past 7 years or so. Of course over those many years I've discovered which products are my favourites and which aren't so here are some of the best: 

Heel Genius: The best foot cream I've ever used hands or feet down should I say. This leaves my tootsies super smooth and supple without feeling too greasy and slippy. The fresh scent is a big added bonus when you're applying this to your feet, it's super cooling in the summer time as it contains peppermint. Having dry feet is one of my pet peeves so anytime I get an inkling of any dryness rearing it's ugly head I make sure to slather this on and it's not got a chance.

Hand Food*: It only seemed right to talk about this after all that feet talk. This was the first hand cream I ever used and really loved it. It's got that classic Soap & Glory smell which I think you either love or you hate, I'm a firm lover. This is super hydrating on the hands without leaving them greasy at all which is why it's so good to have in your handbag or sat on your desk.

Sugar Crush Body Scrub*: I think this is where S&G really blow other brands out of the water. Their exfoliators are absolutely fantastic, I love the sugar crush scent it reminds me of fizzy cola bottles. It's oily enough to be nourishing to the skin but not so oily that it just slips off either which is my biggest pet peeve with other exfoliators. It buffs away dead skin with ease and doesn't leave you with a lobster body which is never a good look, apart from obviously the lobsters. 

Pulp Friction: My one true exfoliator love resides in this bottle. This has much more a thick paste consistency which sometimes my pins really need that as they can get little lizard like. It really clings to your legs when your buffing away which like I said can make or break it for me when it comes to what body scrubs I like. I do find this to be a little more abrasive then the Sugar Crush Body Scrub so if you are sensitive skinned than this might not be a great option for you. 

Butter Yourself*: This has the same delicious almost masculine scent that Pulp Friction has which is the number one reason I adore it so much. It goes without saying that S&G do fantastic body moisturisers and this is no exception. I like to use this one during the day because that amazing scent tends to linger on my skin all day which some people might not like but I love it. They're always super nourishing without leaving you sticky which is a big no no when it comes to a moisturiser. 

Whipped Clean*: A hybrid of a moisturiser and shower gel all rolled into one dreamy smelling product. If you're a sucker for anything almond or pistachio then I can guarantee that you will love this. You apply this onto damp skin when you're in the shower and leave it on for a minute or two and then rinse away and your left with skin that feels like it's been smothered in moisturiser. This is perfect for those who don't fancy shivering in the cold applying a body butter in the winter but want the skin benefits of one.

What are your favourite Soap & Glory products?
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