When You're Lacking Leg Confidence

Like most women in the world I have qualms with my body, overall I'm pretty content, but my legs are where I really struggle. I don't hate them by any means they just aren't my favourite part of me, sadly I don't have Bambi long legs although granted they are pretty lengthy for my height there is just something about them that I don't like. Sadly, I can't just a get a new pair and they do their job of getting me from A to B. So I've just learnt to love them and become a little more confident with my pins and here are some of the things I've found to help. 

Exercise: Oh I can already hear the groans but exercise has really boosted my confidence. There are so many exercises that you can do from your own bedroom to help tone up those pins, here is a couple of my favourites that you can find here & here. By toning up it's improved the look of my legs and even simple things like walking more can help a lot more than you think. Classes like Pilates & Yoga help to improve posture too which in turn can also help with the general look and feel of your body. 

Tan: I've always felt a little better about my overall appearance when I've just got a little bit of colour in my skin, I've got quite visible veins and spider veins on my thighs and they really started to knock my confidence. I'm never going to be a bronzed goddess, frankly I'm too lazy for the upkeep but using something like the Dove Summer Glow just helps them look a lot more even in appearance. 

Exfoliate & Shave: Even in the winter I always make sure that I exfoliate and shave my legs, not for anybody else's benefit but my own. By having a good scrub regularly it helps to get rid of any dry patches and leaves things looking a whole lot smoother, I'm currently using the Organic Surge Gardeners Hand Scrub*, it works perfectly well on your legs and isn't too abrasive so is ideal for regular use. Also can I get a hands-up for who else can't resist the feeling of shaved legs and fresh bed sheets? One of the best I tell you. 

Moisturise: Again this something that I do all year round because I cannot stand the feeling of dry skin even when I'm stood dithering in my bathroom I still make sure I apply a moisturiser. The Soap & Glory Righteous Butter is one of my absolute favourites, as well as any others from the Soap & Glory, range as they never leave the skin feeling sticky. In the summer months I love going for a body oil, paired with a tan I feel as much like a Victora Secret model as I'm ever going to and Neom* are my go to brand when it comes to body oils as they're so beautiful to use. 

Do you have any tips for leg confidence?
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