A Few Beauty Resolutions

I bet you thought you had got the end of all the 2015 resolution posts hadn't you? This isn't quite a New Year resolution posts more just a little reminder to myself of what I need to try and improve my beauty habits. I'm much more likely to do something if I write it down so here are a few of my beauty resolutions.

  1. Use up what I've got. 
  2. Only repurchase the absolute necessities. 
  3. Learn how to apply winged liner.
  4. Keep on growing my brows out, a painful task to watch. 
  5. Change around the products that I'm using on a weekly basis. 
  6. Whilst I'm at it make sure my brushes have had a deep clean too. 
  7. Stop saving things for 'best' and just use them.
  8. Try new things and new combinations. 
  9. Keep on letting my nails go polish-free, it's doing them the world of good. 
  10. Stick to a solid and simple skincare routine. 
  11. Throw things out that haven't been used in over 6 months. 
  12. Make sure to keep on moisturising my body daily. 
  13. Wear perfume and lipstick more. 
  14. Switch up my hairstyle or colour a little. 
  15. Try out new and unknown brands. 

Do you have any beauty resolutions?
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