The Areas I Like To Invest In

I'm a middle man when it comes to what camp I sit it when it comes to beauty product buying. I don't believe that high end = supreme, but I definitely have some areas where I tend to spend a little more money in. It's not because I deem the cheaper versions rubbish, but I do believe with some items you can get what you pay for. So here are the areas that I tend to invest a little more in: 

Moisturiser: By far my most expensive step in my skin care step in moisturiser, it's the final step that seals the deal. Whilst I don't believe in paying crazy money for anything I've found that by paying that little bit more they've performed so much better. Some people like to invest more in their cleansers but as that isn't staying on my face for the entire day & night I would rather just pay that little bit more. 

Primer: Over the years I've really noticed how important it is to have a good primer in my makeup routine. It helps to soothe over any uneven patches and makes spots a lot easier to conceal, but I've never really found one that is budget friendly. By having a good base, my foundation always sits much better and I can always notice a difference when I've not used one. 

Brushes: A good set of brushes can you last you years if you take good care of them. Before Real Techniques came along you would be lucky to spend less than £20 in MAC just for one single brush, luckily those days are gone. You can get a lot of really cheap brush options but for me I've never found any that have worked, they fall apart, leave hairs all over your face and fall to pieces when washed. 

Favourites include: Zoeva and Real Techniques 

Lipbalm: I feel like I need to explain this choice a little more as I don't just mean lip balm it's more overnight treatments where I tend to spend a little more. Simply down the fact I've never found one that hydrates my lips for the entire night, I really can suffer with badly chapped and cracked lips that need some serious TLC.

Top Coats: I blame my impatient nature for this category, I've got absolutely no time (realistically yes I do) to wait around for my nails to properly dry, I can guarantee we all know the struggle of giving yourself a manicure and two minutes later needing the toilet and the awkward jeans wiggle that comes with it. I'm not aware of any high street brands that have a quick dry top coat available so I do have to pay out a tad more. 

Favourites include: O.P.I Rapid Dry and Seche Vite.

Eye Cream: A funny area for me, in general, is eye cream, some might argue that I'm too young to be using it although in May I will officially be in the mature skin bracket. My main concern isn't eye bags its dryness and discoloration so I go for something that is not only hydrating but can illuminate the area too. As I've not yet found anything that works as well as my more high-end offerings I think I will be spending the extra pennies to help my tired peepers look their best.

Favourites include: Origins GinZing, Origins No Puffery Eye Mask and Organic Surge Hydrating Eye Cream*.

Oils: I'm definitely not seasoned enough in the area of oils but what I've seen there is no budget friendly options, apart from possibly The Body Shop but even those are £10 and above. Luckily you can get small roller ball versions to test out the waters and spending over £40 on something that might not work for you is risky business. An oil is definitely not a serious staple in my routine, but I do think that they can work wonders and are worth the investment.

Favourites include: Clarins Facial Oil, Balance Me Radiance Oil* and Liz Earle Super Skin Concentrate*

What areas do you do you like to invest in?
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