Pampering Your Peepers

The older I get the more I think about how I'm looking after my eyes and over the years I've not always been that precious about my peepers. Which considering I rely on them for my job you would think that they would be a priority for me but I've been far too careless. But now I'm in the middle of my late twenties they've  become a huge priority for me with how I'm taking care of them in terms of what skincare I'm using. But also some other general things that I'm doing to make sure my eyes could be as good as they possibly could be and here they are; 


I'm sure we've all had an eye test at some point but once you get to a certain point of your life getting them regularly tested to check on your eye health is so important. As I'm a glasses and a new contact lens wearer I'm militant with getting them checked just to make sure they're healthy. We probably all take our vision for granted a little too much and getting them checked every couple of years is something I would really recommend everyone doing. Especially if you work on a screen a lot or take pictures for a living as that puts so much stress on your eyes.


Sunglasses are quite the style staple but the real reason we need them is to protect our precious peepers from harmful rays. And it's all too tempting to buy cheap but that can be so detrimental to our eyes as without proper UV protection it can open your eyes up allowing more light in. You don't have to pay a lot or invest in a designer pair but purchasing a pair that will really help protect your vision is so important, especially as we're now in the Summer months.


For far too long I've neglected my eyes when it comes to any sort of beauty product which is absolutely bizarre when I really think about it. They're one of the first places that can show ageing and it's such a sensitive area of the complexion too so they rightly deserve some TLC.  Ever since the beginning of May, I've been using a new release from bareMinerals* and they've extended their SkinLongevity range into an eye cream. It's a gel eye cream which is something I was so thrilled to see after learning that eye creams can actually cause a lot of issues for the eyes. The formulation is absolutely wonderful, it's so lightweight and refreshing under the eye but it still hydrates the area. As I've been using it for a few months and given it a thorough road test and it's helped so much with the general appearance of my eye area but mostly with the darkness I was getting.

Ever since we got Josie, that little puppy I love so much I can't say that I've been getting that much sleep. Which was something that I struggled with anyway and now it's under even more strain so you might guess that the first place that it's showed is my eye area. When I use this my eyes are no longer so sore and puffy and feel soothed. It contains botanical extracts to help improve the appearance of the area in terms of plumpness and hydration as well as ginger to help improve brightness.

So often eye products can make the area feel heavy or interfere with how makeup applies over the top but this doesn't do that at all and is such a joy to use. Especially if you pop it in the fridge which is something that I've been doing as we are in hayfever season which is something that really affects my eyes and they stream quite badly so they feel so sore. Whenever I use this there is such a big difference compared to when I've forgotten to apply it and you can really tell. 


We probably all spend a little too much time on a screen of some sort and there so many reasons to give yourself a break from it. Not only does it allow you to properly detach from the online world but it's also so important for your eyes. I spend way too much time on a screen, even in what I consider my downtime and I know how much strain it puts on them constantly having to focus on something. Whenever I can feel my eyes getting really tired I try and step away from a screen and either get outside or read, of course, you still need to focus somewhat when you read but there isn't a glaring false light streaming into your sockets.

Do you have any tips for looking after your eyes?