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Writing about perfume is something that I try and refrain from doing often because I'm absolutely dire at describing scents in a way that can let you get a feel for them. But as I'm having a real moment with fragrance at the moment I thought I'd do things a little differently and talk about the way they make me feel and the emotions they evoke when I spritz them on as that's probably one of the best things you can get from scent as we're all different and can get completely different things from the same scent. 


Top Note: Red Apple, Heart Note: Peony and Base Note: Suede

Whenever I'm in need for something incredibly feminine this is what I reach for. It's floral without being overpowering or too sickly which is often the case with anything remotely floral based and this just hits the right spot. Whilst I don't find myself reaching for it all that much during the Winter months as it's pretty fresh it's still something you can easily get away with as the suede adds that hint of earthiness and musk. When I wear this it makes me feel like I've got a real pep in my step and like I'm going to frolicking around like I'm in the film 500 Days Of Summer but without all the sadness. It's something you can spray on and instantly feel awesome which is exactly what I think we all like in our scents. And personally, this is one of the longest lasting JM scents I own and without fail I can detect this on my skin hours later. 


Notes: mandarin, rosewood, lavender, apple martini, bergamot, orchid, patchouli, cedar, white amber, woods and musk

A celebrity fragrance isn't something that I would typically reach for but there was just something about the SJP fragrances that made me believe that they would be different. Probably all down to the simple and feminine bottle if I'm honest as I can't deny that packaging, especially when it comes to fragrance is something I'm pretty particular about. It's the amber that I really adore in this scent as against all the floral and fresh notes it sits well together and when I wear it I can't deny I feel a little like SJP. It's exactly what I imagine her to smell like when she was in Sex & The City and was dating Aiden as their two natural musks combined would form this. For a less expensive fragrance, this is a lovely option [wink wink nudge nudge] and it has awesome staying power. 


Top Note: Black Cardamom - Heart Note: Black Orchid - Base Note: Kyara Incense

It's very rare that I can spray on a perfume and still be thinking about buying it over a year later, that's when you know that you really love a beauty product. This scent from Jo Malone is truly beautiful and nothing else like what I already own and for that reason, it's something that's truly special and not something I tend to spray on for just regular day to day life. And whilst I hate myself a tiny bit for describing a fragrance as sexy that's absolutely what this scent is and it makes me want to walk around in a silk teddy wearing red lipstick and have tousled waves in my hair. This is a perfume that you need to smell and you will know exactly what I mean and it's without a doubt something that will be my go to when I need something to give me a pick me up and make me feel confident to take on the day. 


Notes: Bitter Orange, May Rose, Damascena Rose, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

The original Dior Poison was something that I had a sample of at university and I absolutely adored it and used it very sparingly as it was so special. So it's no surprise that I came to love the somewhat recently released Poison Girl which is a slightly younger take on the scent. It contains a lot of roses which if you've read any of my other posts talking about perfume you will know that I absolutely adore the ingredient in perfume and the added hit of vanilla gives it that twist. This is a fragrance that I believe a lot of people would reserve for evening use only as it is quite heavy but I love using it in the day time as I find it quite a comforting scent and it makes me want to wrap myself up in a blanket. Of course if you hate rose then this won't be something for you but otherwise, it's a complete dream and you only need a tiny bit to detect it on the skin all day. 

woods of windsor* 

Blue Orchid & Water Lily

I wouldn't really say this is a perfume as I use it more as a body spray, why does saying the words body spray make me feel like a teenager? I spray this on whenever I'm nipping out or going to the gym rather than reaching for my expensive fragrance options. I can't quite bring myself to use them whenever I haven't got somewhere that special to be and special to me means going food shopping or something equally quite as dull. This scent is incredibly fresh due to the blue orchid but the notes of vanilla give it that little hint of musk that I can't help but for fall in any type of fragrance. As it's only an eau de toilette it's not the most long lasting scent option out there but if you want something to quickly freshen you up then it's ideal and that's exactly what it does for me, it makes me feel fresh and ready for the day. 

What are your favourite scents right now?

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