Seasonal Base Switch Up

A true sign of the weather changing is when I feel the need to switch up my foundation routine accordingly. As the climate has cooled down and my skin isn't so naturally dewy [read: sweaty] I can start to compensate with my favourite glow-inducing yet long lasting base options.  


CLARINS INSTANT SMOOTH PERFECTING TOUCH*: As always when the seasons change my complexion has a complete meltdown and doesn't know how to behave. To go alongside a few blemishes and scars my skin has become completely unbalanced. My fail safe primer to bring things back to normal is the Clarins Perfecting Touch*, I've discussed this base product many a time, but it's spectacular. It smoothes out the complexion with ease so even when you don't fancy wearing makeup it helps your skin to look a lot more perfected without the need for a base. Anything I apply over the top of it goes on with ease and base products not only wear for long but more evenly too. 

CLAUDIA LOUCH COLOUR CORRECTING PALETTE*: This palette has been completely revolutionary for me and my base routine. I suffer badly from not only blemishes but the scars that they leave behind. Not only is this palette perfect for helping balance out any other areas of uneven colour such as under the eyes it's incredible at eliminating redness in the skin. As green is the opposite to red in the colour wheel it works against that angry rouge to leave your skin looking a lot more balanced. When you've extinguished redness in the skin it makes any blemishes or redness so much easier to conceal.  


MAC STUDIO SCULPT FOUNDATION: After having my big beauty clear out I found this lurking in the bottom of a box. I used to absolutely love this base, it's the only MAC foundation that I've ever got a long with. I've always had issues with their bases in the past because they either cause me to breakout or they oxidise and turn an unwanted shade of tangerine. However, none of these things have happened with Studio Sculpt which is great because it's a beautiful base. It adds so much life to the skin without the need for any glitter or shimmer running through it as it's got a dreamy gel formula. As my skin has been a little drier this formulation works perfectly as it glides over any dry areas instead of enhancing them. This always leaves my skin looking perfected but not obvious that I'm wearing a fuller coverage foundation. It does need setting down on the skin as it can be a little tacky when first applied but other than that it's the perfect A/W base. 


RIMMEL MATCH PERFECTION POWDER: I apologise now if this powder is no longer available as I overheard a lady at Boots saying it was being discontinued. Although loose powder is a total faff and I often end up with more down my fluffy dressing gown [glamorous, I know] than I do on my brush I will always make the effort for this powder. It can be difficult to find a powder than doesn't suck all the life out of your skin whilst still managing to mattify the complexion and hold your makeup all day. This really helps prolong the wear time of my base and smooth over any imperfections instead of accentuating them. 

What base are you currently wearing?

R x

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