Sharing My Sidebar #3

So April has passed us by at a rapid rate and has been a pretty odd month. With the weather having a complete meltdown on a daily basis it's been the perfect opportunity to catch up with your blog feed. And here are a few more awesome blogs that you might want to add to your reading list. 

A Balancing Peach is fast becoming my go to read. The content that Kelsey produces is absolutely beautiful and so well written that I can't help but get lost in it. I caught up with her in a full-length interview that you can read here. Keep up to date with Kelsey over on;

A blog written by awesome 30 something Quennie, Mrs James Recommends is a blog all about beauty with the odd lifestyle post thrown in for good measure. I absolutely love the content that Quennie produces, it's always of a high quality and her writing never fails to put a smile on my face as you can really get a sense of who she is as a person through her posts. Her recent spotlight post on her MAC lipsticks was a fascinating read, as someone who isn't all too familiar with the brand it's a great guide.. Keep up to date with Quennie on; 

Sophie Cliff is curated by Leeds lifestyle and travel girl Sophie. She started her blog as a way to capture some of the exciting things that were going on in her life at the time and ever since she's found a huge passion for the blogging world. As a self-confessed worrier, I absolutely loved reading her post titled 'Worry Less, Do More'. It's been something that I've been trying to do all year and it's slowly got a lot better. You can catch up with Sophie over on; 

Laura created her blog as a way to document her health and fitness journey but it quickly evolved into a general place for her to discuss what she's passionate about. I absolutely loved her latest The Happy List post, discovering the small things that people appreciate in their life is always fascinating to me. And who can deny adorable fox Instagram accounts? You can keep up to date with Laura on;