Skincare Standouts For Summer


It's been a good while since I've talked about skin. Mostly because every-time I did and said my skin was in a really good place right on cue a huge breakout would appear so I felt it was best not to tempt fate. But as I've finished everything I was using and returned to some things as well as added in a couple of new items. I thought it would be a good time to share what my skincare standouts are for this summer.



Once I had got to the end of the oil cleanser I was using I was in the mood for something different and I had a bottle of Cleanse & Polish that I knew must need using up. If you've never read my blog before then you might not be aware of the long love affair I have with this cleanser and it's for good reason. Even all these years later it's still something I know I can depend on and I just absolutely adore it. As I've stopped using micellar waters all together I need something that I know can get rid of any makeup as well as give my skin a good cleanse. This melts away my makeup and it feels so kind to the skin, as I was so in love with oils I'd forgotten just how good and effective a cream could be. Whenever I think back to my teenage years I wish I'd known about this cleanser because it just works for me, no matter whether my skin is really dry or really oily it keeps things hydrated but not too nourished that the skin is an oil slick. There is just something about the smell of Liz Earle products to me that fills me with nostalgia but something I find incredibly comforting too, some might not like any scent in their products but this is one of my favourites by far. 


To be honest, I'm not sure I understand the difference between a toner and an essence but that is a whole different conversation. I find products like this are the easiest to notice an almost instant difference from and the easiest to switch in and out. One that I've been thoroughly enjoying in the evening is this product from Sanoflore which is a new brand that is part of the L'Oreal family and from what I've tried they're pretty great. It contains 9 essential oils, my favourite has to be the peppermint as well as a great spot fighter salicylic acid. Even though it doesn't resurface the skin like an AHA does I still find my complexion is brighter after using this. Although it's aimed towards oiler blemish prone skin I don't find it to be drying at all which is always a bonus and it feels incredibly refreshing due to the peppermint. Of course, it is worth noting that if you are sensitive to essential oils than you may not get along with this but I've not had any issues.



If you've missed my whining about my hayfever being the worst it's ever been then lucky you. But seriously, what is going on this year? It feels like the pollen is out of control and no matter what I use I cannot escape it. So something that I've been reaching for more is an eye cream because my eye area is so, so sore and need the comfort. As it's a gel the formulation feels so refreshing and cooling on the skin and helps the area look a lot less red and sore which is the constant state of my eyes right now. I can't comment on the other effects of this product as that's not the reason I wanted to mention it, it's just the fact it's a gel and brilliant if you do suffer from hayfever anything with this formulation feels incredible.



Oils are really something that I've fallen for, of course, I was absolutely obsessed with cleansing with them for months but also using them in place of a serum. As my skin has generally cleared up a lot more I'm not so in need of something to battle away the blemishes and just want something that can help with hydration and brightness. I'm nearing my 30's now which does mean the whole anti-aging this is in my mind a little and wrinkles have started to appear around my eyes which are only made worse by the constant bags that I now have. Anyway, this oil I really do believe has made quite a big difference to the skin around my eyes especially, the lines aren't gone but they don't look so deep set. That's not the reason that I use this though, I really love it for keeping my skin balanced. It's not a super slippery thick oil which I prefer as I find it sinks in quicker and doesn't interfere with my makeup at all. It's an expensive oil but it's really, really good and one to try if you are thinking about anti-aging products and want something to keep the complexion supple and soft without making it unbalanced.


Beauty Pie got so much hype when it was first released because it was pretty exciting there is no denying that but I rarely hear their products mentioned anywhere now. A product that I've come back to for my night cream is the Jeju Overnight Moisture Infusion and I'm kicking myself that I didn't use this in winter as it would have been perfect. It's a unique consistency at it feels almost like a mousse but it's not, it's very strange but it feels absolutely delightful to apply. According to Beauty Pie the Jeju is a micro volcanic sand that detoxes and balances oil which I can see. Even though this is very thick in consistency it doesn't feel too intense but the inclusion of everyone's favourite moisturing ingredient hyaluronic acid still keeps the skin bouncy and nourished. If you're a member of Beauty Pie then I highly recommend this but if not it's far too expensive, that's the whole point of the brand being a beauty buyers club after all. You only need a really small amount too which is ideal as you'll be able to get a good few months out of this. I know a lot of people understandably aren't big fans of the jar packaging but it does come with a little spatula which really does come in handy as it stops you from using too much and that is the same for any moisturiser really. A weird product but one that I've very much come to love and I adore the smell, I can't put my finger on what it is but it's subtle so not something to worry about if you don't like fragrance in your skincare.


What skincare are you loving for the warmer months?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty