Spotty Skin Saviours

It's been a while since I've spoken about anything spot related, which isn't a bad thing of course. After a rough patch last year and things being a little temperamental I'm glad that my skin appears to have returned to its somewhat normal state. And normal for me doesn't mean that I'm completely blemish free, I still get spots and here are some of my favourites for tackling them at the moment. 


  • Clean your phone screen regularly.
  • Try and keep your hands away from your face, even your hair being on it can cause issues. 
  • Don't panic when a breakout erupts and throw every product on it.
  • Learn about breakouts and your skin properly, it makes it much easier to tackle the spots then. 
  • Go makeup free every so often. 
  • Change your pillowcases regularly.
  • Look at your lifestyle and see if there are any areas that you can improve.
  • Stay hydrated, a tale old as time but it just makes everything better, not just your skin.
  • Wash your makeup brushes regularly. 
  • Be aware of the contraception you're using.
  • Have a consistant routine. 


PIXI GLOW MUD CLEANSER*: We all know that I harbour a deep love for Pixi Glow Tonic and when this cleanser arrived I was so excited to give it a try. It's a deep cleansing cleanser that contains 5% glycolic acid and aloe vera which are the two biggest reasons why I love GT so much. As well as those two wonder ingredients it also contains hyaluronic acid and avocado oil to keep the skin soft as like the name suggests it's a deeper cleanse so it can run the risk of being a little drying on the complexion. I've been using this in the morning or evening depending on what my skin feels like. It's not a cleanser that can be used to remove makeup but as one that can tackle a multitude of different issues and you only need a tiny amount to reap the benefits. The reason why I've found this so awesome for tackling spots is because it's a little more deep cleansing than most cleansers so it gets all the dirt and grime out of your pores without being overbearing and stripping. So often I find those pesky little blemishes can be avoided when I have a really solid cleansing routine. 

REN EVERCALM GENTLE CLEANSING MILK*: A really gentle cleanser isn't something that you would probably expect to be so good when you're a little more spotty. It's so tempting to reach for something stripping and harsh but for me when my skin is being a little temperamental it needs more love and nourishment than ever. The Ren Evercalm Cleanser* is such a wonderful option as it's incredibly gentle and soft on the skin but it can still remove some remnants of makeup and keep breakouts balanced. If you have particularly troubled skin or it's very sensitive and sore then this might be a great option for you and it can be used as a second cleanse or first morning cleanse. It's gentle but it's mighty with how it can make the skin feel. 


ORIGINS ZERO OIL*: This might come as a surprise to anybody who reads my beauty content on a regular basis as I've been an AM & PM exfoliating toner for years. But lately, I've only been doing it in the evening and I've found it to be way more effective than doing it twice a day. I'm using up the last few drops of the Origins Zero Oil Toner which contains salicylic acid which is a well known spot fighting ingredient. Just using this overnight I've seen a real difference with how quickly my breakouts are healing and the scars are reducing. When you've been doing something for so long it can be hard to pull yourself away from it when you know it works for your skin but just going a little easier with the chemical exfoliation has worked wonders. 

PIXI GLOW MIST*: I fell a little out of love with using a hydrating toner a few months ago, there was no great reason for it I just wasn't feeling that step. But I've been working them back into my routine as of late and my first delve back into that world has been the Pixi Glow Mist*. You can tell by the ingredients list that this is a real treat to the skin with the rich blend of oils. I find that this gives me some of the benefits of using an oil without having to actually use one. It leaves my complexion feeling hydrated and smoothed but it doesn't disrupt the balance of it at all. I use this after cleansing in the AM and when I'm struggling with breakouts I want them to feel soothed rather than stripped or bare as I find that's what helps them heal faster and they don't tend to scar so badly when I take this route. You can use this as a toner or just throughout the day to freshen up the complexion.


ANNE SEMONIN MINERAL MASK*: This is a painfully expensive mask to talk about but I just have to share how good I think it is. I've said it before and I'll say it again but this is not an appealing product to use as it's algae green and doesn't smell that fresh either [it contains seaweed so you can't expect much else]. But the way that this makes your skin look is absolutely incredible, it's what I imagine my skin would look like if I had some sort of chemical peel as it's so fresh and beautifully smooth. Keeping on top of congestion is something I've found integral when battling spots and either before I feel a spot really erupt or during the healing process I will use this to really make sure all the crap is out of my pores. This mask contains some really interesting ingredients and is unlike anything else I own so if you have the budget then it's worth looking into it as it does wonderful things to the skin. Another mask I absolutely adore are the Su-Man sheet masks* that I spoke about in this post, they're another seriously pricey option but leaving that serum to work its magic overnight is a serious miracle worker.


MERUMAYA CONCENTRATED SPOT TREATMENT*: I've mentioned this product in a few posts which you can read here and here but I just wanted to give it a quick mention. If you struggle with pesky little white heads then this a great spot treatment. It stops them in their tracks and helps diminish the appearance of them overnight. It's very much like the Origins Super Spot Remover if you ever used that product with how it performs and feels on the skin.

SUDOCREM: There are some people who have a very strong dislike for Sudocrem when it comes to using it on spots. But it's something that I always have in my stash because I know I can rely on it, it helps calm and sooth the tender area of the breakout as well as helping with redness. For me, it just works and it always has done so I don't see the point in cutting it out of my routine because someone else doesn't like it.

Have you used any awesome spot fighters lately?