Spring Capsule Wardrobe Additions

Spring in the UK can be a difficult time to dress for. It might look like it's as warm as the tropics outside but once you're out there it's ice cold. And then the heavens open at any given second or it might even snow. So anything that gets added to my wardrobe needs to be versatile enough to withstand the season and here is what I've been purchasing to be part of my capsule wardrobe. 


Last year I rekindled my passion for the polka dot. It's such a pretty pattern and even though it will never take over my love for a stripe it's refreshing to work in another pattern to my wardrobe. This wrap dress from Miss Selfridge is such a lovely addition for S/S. The wrap around style is something that I don't wear enough even though it's incredibly flattering and can be adjusted to your desired fit. A well fitting summer sun dress is a key capsule wardrobe piece during the warmer months. Paired with a tan tote bag, peep toe shoes, and a leather jacket if necessary. It's an outfit that can either be worn during the day or evening and is a complete fail safe. If you're a petite girl I'd highly suggest Miss Selfridge for dresses, they fit beautifully. 


I blame Pantone for my current obsession with blush pink. It's always been a shade that I've liked but it's never something I've felt brave enough to wear. Until now, as it's a muted colour it doesn't feel quite as scary. The brushed sweatshirts from Topshop have been quite popular and I can see why as they're incredibly soft. However, they do bobble up a little so lint remover is also a great purchase to restore them back to their smooth state. A sweatshirt-style jumper is key in the Spring, it's something that will keep you warm when you need it to. But it won't make you overly warm when the sun does decide to show its face. 


Every single year I purchase a new pair of peep toe shoes. It's become a little bit of a tradition for me now as I've been doing for over 7 years. I'm not a lover of sandals ever since I got my feet tattooed I've never been able to find a pair that didn't cut my tattoos off at an odd point. So peep toe ballet flats are my equivalent to sandals and I live and die in them in the warmer months. This year's pair come from Topshop, although Primark does always have a similar style in but they always sell out ridiculously fast. They're so easy to style and go with absolutely everything I tend to wear and I find they look a little smarter than your typical sandal. 


A raglan style top is always a staple in my wardrobe, although they might not be the smartest addition they're a good one none the less. They go with pretty much everything and are just an item you can throw on and not worry about styling them too much. I've always been a loyal buyer of the American Apparel baseball tees as they always wash well and can last years. But on a recent wander through Primark, I discovered they'd released a few colours that are great for Spring. And surprisingly the fit of them is beautiful, they're slightly snugger than the typical American Apparel fit which I prefer as they look a little smarter. 


During the same Primark jaunt, I also found the most beautiful grey-marl sweatshirt. It's one of those pieces from Primark that look a lot more expensive than it was. Infact there is a pair of sweatpants in Urban Outfitters at the moment that are the exact same shade and material but obviously far more expensive. A grey jumper is always a key item in my wardrobe, whatever the season. It doesn't matter what you choose to pair it with it as it always looks put together and well styled. So if you're a lover of a fuss-free dressing a good grey jumper is key. 

What have you added to your wardrobe this spring?

R x

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