Style Journal: September


Just incase you have missed me harping on about how cold it is this September here is a's really been really cold in my part of the world. I've had to switch out my beloved summer dresses to make way for my chunky knits on my clothing rail and well I'm pretty sad about it. I had all my hopes set on an Indian Summer where I could feel the sun on my skin one last time before we set in for A/W which seems to last an absolute eternity in the UK. But I think my hopes of an Indian Summer have been smashed and it seems to be getting cooler day by day so here are the recent purchases I've made to make way for what I'm guessing will be a very chilly Autumn and things I've returned to. 


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Let's be honest here, I don't really need another set of stripes but something I was in need of was some thin long sleeved tops. As whilst it starts off incredibly cold in the morning when the sun hits it's pretty warm and when you're wrapped up it can be a little too much. Which makes it the perfect climate for a simple long sleeve and these are pieces that I love to add to my wardrobe as they can be used so easily when layering. I found these simple long sleeve t-shirts in GAP and I picked up a classic navy with white stripes and then a burgundy with oat stripes. Two colour combinations that I was actually missing. I love GAP in general for clothes and I feel like it's not somewhere that gets talked about enough online and especially if you go to one of the outlets their pieces are super affordable and wash well.

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I love a good slogan sweatshirt, they've been a staple in my wardrobe for years. They're something that I know I can rely on to just simply throw on with jeans or leggings and it's such an easy outfit for day to day. This lovely grey number was a gift from Sugarhill Boutique and it's a traditional sweatshirt material [soft and fluffy inside too, bonus] and then the slogan is felt which adds a little bit more interest than a traditional print. And then my favourite part of this piece is that it's got a little heart on the sleeve which is so sweet.

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Something that I'm never without in the colder months is a good men's jumper. And I've spoken so many times about why I choose to shop from the guy's section many times on this blog but incase you've missed my musings then here is why I never shop from the women's when it comes to knitwear. It became quite the trend in the UK for everything to be super cropped and that is just not something I'm about when it comes to knitwear. So I go to the men's section as not only are they thicker but they are of course longer too which is exactly what I like. My latest pick was found in Primark, I was in there trying to find some socks and spotted their new in jumper stand and saw this for £10 I believe. It's not too thick so it's a really lovely transitional piece for the season.


To be honest, I thought I was pretty set in the coats department and I didn't think I was going to be buying one this year. Not after purchasing my Barbour and my water and windproof Regatta coat. But when the really cool days hit and I was wearing those coats and still feeling the cold on dog walks I knew I needed to look at a serious outdoors coat. And when perusing Ultimate Outdoors [it's almost a guilty pleasure for me to idly browse that store] I spotted this coat. A fully waterproof, insulated and probably the best thing and what sold it to me is that it's got thermal pockets. That's right THERMAL POCKETS, the excitement is far too much. I've been wearing it on super chilly AM dog walks and not once have I felt cold, I've not even felt the wind against me which is incredible. So often really practical coats can be kinda ugly but I think this is really beautiful.


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I purchased these last year and they're something I wanted to have to throw on with chunky knits and Converse and that is what I love to pair with them. I have to admit, I am a sucker for a good pair of leggings for day to day wear as they're so comfortable I do of course love denim but sometimes jeans can be a little too restricting. And to say that I've had these for a year and they've not worn at all, they've not gone see-through or baggy which is usually the case with leggings.


I've had this pair of Van's in my wardrobe for years and I've not always got on with them. I find this style of shoe incredibly hard to break in, they ripped my feet apart so many times that I've now got scars from them. And it took me a long time to want to wear them again as they were so painful but over the past couple of years, I've been able to without causing serious damage to my feet. When I don't want to wear my Converse or my Nikes I always reach for these and I like how they come quite low on my foot as it's quite flattering on my legs. Once you've got past the dreaded breaking in stage they're super comfortable for running around.


  • Touch screen thermal gloves - a no brainer purchase and touch screen is a must. 
  • A cream bobble hat - I appear to have lost mine and it was something that I adored against my brunette tresses and I'm so excited to be able to wear my blush pink bobble hat once again. 
  • Brown Chelsea boots - All my ankle boots are heeled apart from a black suede pair so I'd like a pair that I can wear in the rain and not worry about ruining them. 
  • A black backpack - I've become quite the convert to the backpack and I'd love a black [faux] leather one for day to day when I don't fancy using a tote bag. 

What have you been reaching for this September?

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