Style Pieces I've Fallen Back In Love With Lately

As you can probably tell by the amount of style content that has been on the blog recently it's something that I've really been enjoying. And whilst treating yourself to new style pieces is awesome and something I'm sure that we all get some enjoyment from it's not always possible to buy new things. The term shopping your stash is usually reserved for beauty products but something I've done lately is gone through my wardrobe and rekindled my love for a few pieces that I've either had for a few months or even a couple of years. So here are the style pieces that I've fallen back in love with recently.


To be fair, in the UK it's not really been warm enough to wear a t-shirt unless you're wearing about 3 other layers with it. But on the few warm days we've had I've been reaching for some of my favourites. As I'm not one for anything really embellished or complex and prefer to go for more simple understated pieces I typically I go for a completely plain t-shirt or something that might have a simple piece of embroidery on it. And I think if you're someone who is a lover of simple but well put together dressing then having a couple of well fitting and reliable t-shirts in your wardrobe is a must. Places that I typically like to shop from are Brandy Melville, John Lewis and COS. A good t-shirt can go with absolutely anything and be styled for a multitude of occasions. 


A grey jumper is always a staple in my wardrobe whether it be Summer or Winter and because we've had a real cold snap this April I've been reaching for my heaviest knits. I picked that thick grey fisherman type knit photographed above in Sainsbury's men's section last Winter. Supermarket men's jumpers are something that dominates my jumper collection because they're usually very affordable and I've had some of mine for years so they've really stood the test of time. I find grey is just a good colour to go with everything as I typically only wear black on the bottom and then it's easy to throw on any type of shoe I want to with the outfit. And even though I love a big comfortable jumper to wear I have to say that I'm really ready to tuck them away for a little bit as Winter feels like it's lasted forever.


Like I said, it's not been very warm in the UK in the last month which is typically when I would start pulling out some of my favourite Summer dresses but we're not quite there yet. A jumper dress is everything I love in a style piece, they're warm, comfortable, easy to style and just very fuss free. A woolly grey jumper dress [yes, I really love grey ok] paired with my Barbour coat and some loafers or maybe some Converse on a more casual day to day basis is such a simple outfit but one I've been donning a lot lately. As I live in the UK I find that I can wear my jumper dresses in the summer too but I just have to ditch the tights. 


I go through spurts of wearing jeans a lot and then I don't find myself reaching for them for a couple of months but I'm in a jeans phase right now. I've had the same pair of Topshop Joni jeans in my wardrobe for around 3 years and last year I cut the knees as it just seemed silly to buy a pair already cut when I could do it to a pair that I already owned. I know the ripped knee trend is a little bit hit and miss and I'm indifferent about it, I like how it looks although I don't like the overly ripped jeans because I'm not sure how warm they can keep you when they're full of holes. A pair of ripped knee jeans and a simple knit or t-shirt is an outfit I've really been enjoying lately for day to day. 


Ever since my university days a pair of brown suede moccasins has been a staple in my wardrobe and a couple of years ago I picked up a tan and grey pair. They weren't too expensive but they're something I find myself reaching for constantly when we're coming into the warmer weather months and I've really fallen back in love with them this season. Not only are they incredibly comfortable for just about any occasion you can think of I find them to go with pretty much any type of outfit. Obviously they're more of a casual option but whether it be with jeans, a jumper dress or an a-line skirt I think they look awesome.

Are there any style pieces you've fallen back in love with lately?