Style Resolutions For 2018 & My New Style Commandments


As I've been making my way through the Instagram famous book The Curated Closet it's made me have a really good look through my clothing rail and cupboards to look at what I'm properly using and what I'm not. I've been on the mission for a good year or so to have less material possessions [the ones I just have for the sake of it] and stop shopping as much too. And something else that The Curated Closet made me think about are what I want from the clothes that I wear and things I'd like to make part of my wardrobe. Because the clothes that we put on are so much more than things just keeping us warm and dry and they're one of the easiest ways to express our personalities.


Last year I really started to explore different lengths of dresses and skirts and after years of shunning the midi style, I realised it was actually the perfect length for me. I always went for shorter dresses as they're what I felt the most comfortable in and even though I still have a few in my collection that I've decided to hold onto for the next season, in general, I feel much better going for midi lengths. They were always something I admired on others but when it came to myself I was worried they made me look dumpy, short and really unflattering on my legs which isn't the case at all. I've already started adding a few midi dresses to my wishlist;


Flats and trainers are generally what I live in day to day and when it's really chilly I will always reach for a pair of ankle boots. And I do love flats as they're just so easy to throw on but something I'd really like to play around with this year is a little bit of a heel. My day to day life is very casual so I'm always wary of adding anything to my wardrobe that is really smart and not suitable for most occasions in my life. However, after a little bit of searching there a few styles, I think could work really well with my current favourite warmer weather pieces;


I have a serious problem and serious love affair with leggings. I'm not embarrassed to admit that they're the style item I find myself wearing the most, especially in the cooler months as I don't always find denim the warmest option [unless you're pairing them with thermals underneath which isn't always that comfortable]. And even though I live in dresses and skirts in the warmer months something I do need to do is make the most of the trousers and jeans I have in my wardrobe. I want to invest in some chino style trousers this year as they'll be perfect when I do need a smarter wardrobe option. And of course, it's nice to mix things up as I'm all denim at the moment.

try and inject some colour

The colour palette in my wardrobe is very neutral. I've steered away from any type of bold colour for such a long time which is fine but something I want to try and make sure I do this year is go for a little bit more colour, even if they are on the more neutral side of the spectrum as long as they aren't grey or black then it's a start. Because I always want to buy pieces for my wardrobe that stand the test of time and can be paired with a multitude of things. I think that is why I tend to stray away from colour but here are a few brighter things that I really adore and think could fit in with my style well.

10 new style commandments 

  • Let go of any pieces that are truly past their best. 
  • Sell any bags I no longer use. 
  • No more purchases that I'm not going to wear for more than a couple of months. 
  • Try and stay away from stripes. 
  • No more sitting in the clothes I've walked Josie in all day, make the most of my wardrobe. 
  • No more buying the same piece in different colours.
  • A maximum of 3 grey jumpers at a time, anymore have to go.
  • Condense my coat collection.
  • Go through my basic wardrobe pieces refresh them if needs be. 
  • Have a new bra fitting. 

Do you have any style resolutions for 2018?

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