Styling The Classic Watch & Getting Used To Wearing One


- post in collaboration with Daniel Wellington -

To say that I'm not much of a jewellery wearer would be an understatement. But if there is something that I always make sure I'm wearing it's a watch. As I'm pretty minimal in terms of dressing I love adding a classic oversized watch to my outfits as I find it adds that little bit of interest without being too overbearing. I'm excited to share a few of my favourite ways to style and how to get used to wearing a watch when you're not a huge jewellery lover. 


  1. Don't wear it on the wrist that you write with. 
  2. The more the you wear it the more the strap will adjust to your wrist and it will become more comfortable. 
  3. Put it on your bedside table or vanity so it's in your eye line so you won't forget to wear it. 
  4. Make putting it on a part of your daily routine. 
  5. If it feels more comfortable wear it on the inside of your wrist rather than the outside but be careful of the face on surfaces. 
  6. Only take it off when necessary like bathing and at night. 
  7. When wearing other jewellery like bracelets try and balance your wrists so one doesn't feel too heavy or uncomfortable. 


Do you have any tips for getting into the habit of wearing a watch?

R x

- This post is in collaboration with Daniel Wellington, as always all thoughts are my own. To receive 15% off any watch till the end of May use the code FROMROSES -