Summer Beauty Woes & Solutions


Summer is a wonderful, wonderful time but that doesn't mean it comes without its downsides for beauty lovers. There are the obvious things that come into play like foundation sliding off your face and having a constant SULA [sweaty upper lip area] but here are some other solutions to your summertime beauty woes.



If you shave any area of your body then you might encounter an ingrown hair and they are horrible. And the area I tend to suffer from ingrown hairs the most is a rather intimate one so there are extra steps that need to be taken to ensure they don't crop up. My first requirement when shaving any area of your body is to properly exfoliate and make sure the area of skin is warm so that the pores open up, there is nothing worse than trying to shave cold skin. I've been testing out the Shaving Intimate Set from Fair Squared* and it contains a small razor, shaving oil, shaving soap and aftershave balm. I always thought that small razors would be really fiddly and an absolute pain to use but they're not at all and it makes the job much easier. Not only is the smaller razor easier to use what makes this little kit so good is the specific lotions. The oil is great for shaving as it gives the area a good amount of slip and the wash is perfect for every day and not disturbing your PH balance. The real star of the show though is the aftershave balm as it's a comforting milk that you can pop on the area and I've found this not only helps with ingrown hairs but it also really helps with the hair growing back through. Which is always uncomfortable and this helps drastically. Typically I don't think you have to spend a lot on shaving but when it comes to an intimate area then it's worth spending a little more.


Weirdly I always thought that chapped lips were just a thing in the winter but for me, they seem to an all year round issue. As even though we're in a heatwave right now often when I'm walking the dogs or on a run the wind can be quite abrasive. Or even worse than chapped lips is sunburnt lips, so when using a lip balm in the blazing sun do make sure it has an SPF in as it's all too easy to forget about your lips. Anyway, to help chapped or burnt lips then there are two that I've been reaching for and rotating which are from Fresh and Lanolips. I've spoken about the Lanolips* balm countless times, it's such a wonderful product to have in your stash as it can help with so many issues. From dry lips to burns to cuts and scrapes, personally, I love to use this on my lips overnight when lips are really chapped and sore. As well as overnight if I'm going on a run and it's particularly breezy this creates a protective barrier over the lips. 
This balm from Fresh is new to me and we all know how much of a big fan I am of the original Fresh Sugar lip balms, they're probably one of the most talked about products on this blog. The Fresh Sugar Coconut Hydrating Lip Balms* come in pot form, which is strictly something I use at home as they're not the best on the go. You can use this throughout the day or overnight, it works well for both but during the day it adds a beautiful sheen to the lips. It helps with any dry patches of skin without making the lips feel sticky or tacky and could easily work underneath a matte lipstick. 



Last year was the first time that I struggled with prickly heat and I cannot say it's a pleasant experience. It's something that I seem to get on my chest and obviously, it's not something that I want to stick around as it isn't nice. A product I've found to really help is the Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion* which is something that I know a lot of people us for KP or chicken skin, which isn't the nicest name for it but apparently, it really helps. It adds just the right amount of moisture to the skin, soothes the area right down and I also used this when I had a horrible allergic reaction to some long grass and even though it didn't work instantly by the morning it had completely gone.



Having flat hair is something that I struggle with daily but when it's warm I find it so hard to keep the volume in my hair. Although I'm sure I wouldn't be saying this if I did have frizzy hair but I'm jealous of the volume that they naturally have. I'm forever trying new products that promise to give you bigger tresses and this new release from Time Bomb* is fantastic. It's a hair supplement which isn't something that I'm familiar with but whatever this is, it works and it works instantly. You apply this through the ends and brush through, once the hair is dried you can see an instant difference and my hair not only looks thicker but it feels thicker too. Sometimes with thickening products, the effects only last for the first day but this sticks around until I wash my hair in 4 days time. It feels completely weightless too, not sticky or tacky which is all too common with volumising products. And for the price, this is one of the best products I've ever used, products like this can usually be incredibly expensive and not hold up too well so definitely one to check out if you also struggle with lacklustre locks.


  • Foundation melting away: On really balmy summer days it's tempting to forgo makeup all together but just because it's warm doesn't mean we want to skip our favourite products. Working in thin layers of product and working up to full coverage gradually is what I've found works best for getting things to stick around all day. Although it's tempting just to apply one thick layer it melts away within seconds in the heat. And some sort of powder and primer is always a beneficial addition to your routine. 
  • Swollen feet: As soon as it's over 14 degrees my legs and feet instantly swell up and it's incredibly uncomfortable. A product that I discovered last year that is utterly fantastic for helping things return to their usual state is from Burt's Bees. It's actually a pregnancy product but obviously, you don't have to be with child to use it. It's really cooling and tingles but it works within minutes. 
  • Brassy hair: Having half blonde hair has reminded me that when exposed to the sun a lot then things can get a little brassy. Not only is protecting your hair from the sun important [you can get SPF for your hair] but to return blonde hair to it's cooler state a purple shampoo is your best friend. It works instantly and kicks all unsightly and unwanted brassy tones to the curb. Always follow with something rich in moisture though as sometimes products like this can be a tiny bit drying. 

What are your summer beauty woes and solutions?