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My tattoos don't appear on my blog all too often, there are a few reasons for this, but lately I've been itching to write about the topic. Personally, I don't think that there is a lot of information out there about the entire process of getting a piece or even people just talking about the subject. Which means that there is almost this scary barrier surrounding them so today I wanted to write a post that if I've I'd read 6 years ago it would have broken down some of those walls.


As a child I always wanted to get a tattoo, I just thought they were awesome. This inkling never went away and became even stronger when I was a teenager, but it wasn't something my parents ever wanted me to do. Getting a tattoo is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly as you are putting something on your body forever. It's important to be sensible, take the time to properly think about it and pick an appropriate artist. 


When shows like Miami and LA Ink came onto the air it seemed like every piece had this huge meaning behind them. Many people believe that you shouldn't get something on your body if it doesn't have a life changing reason attached to it. Only a couple of my tattoos have a big meaning behind them, but the rest are generally just things that I like and things I think look awesome as tattoos. Does it mean these pieces are less special, absolutely not. If something means enough to you to get it put into your skin forever then that is reason enough.


Tattooists have a huge amount of responsibility. They are putting their art on your skin forever so the person that you choose to do this is a big decision [please bear in mind I cannot talk for really small tattoo's like an outline of a heart or something as that is going to pretty much look the same no matter who does it]. I'm a big believer and advocate in investing in your pieces, good work isn't cheap, but cheap work isn't good. The likes of Instagram makes it super easy to find awesome artists and it's the one time that the use of hashtags can come in handy. By searching through the hashtag for the type of work that you like you are opened up to so many people and can go from there. 



When the media only show people who deeply regret their choice to get tattooed it gives people the idea that everyone does. And makes the entire industry look like a joke, which it isn't.  I've lost count of how many times I've been asked if I will regret them and when I'm old they won't look like they will now. Without getting all methodical on you, isn't it best to do something that will make you happy and bring joy to your life than live in fear of a future that might not even arrive? Life is too precious and too short not to do what you truly want [to some degree, of course, it's not wise to go around murdering people]. Ultimately the only person who getting tattooed affects is you, nobody else as much as they might like to think it does. Throughout the 6 years that I've been adding awesome pieces of art to my body I've never regretted a single thing and love them all as much as the day I got them. I've not rushed into anything and I've always considered a piece carefully and I think that is key. 


There isn't an insult that I've not had throw at me about being a somewhat heavily tattooed girl. I've been told that I'm disgusting, that I should be ashamed of myself, that I've ruined myself and no man will ever want me [because obviously that is the only thing I want in life anyway] and that I would be much better without them. If a tattooed man walks by no one bats an eyelid but when you're a female it's a whole different story. There is a strange myth that if you're a tattooed female you suddenly lose all your femininity, of course, this isn't true. I'm incredibly feminine and I love that I can be both, my tattoos don't define who I am as a person and for me are just an awesome addition to my exterior. Even now in 2015 it baffles me how much stigma is still attached to getting tattooed, I totally respect that they aren't for everybody but being tattooed doesn't define who you are on the inside and it's sad when people can't see past that.  


This topic could warrant an entire post of its own. Having any tattoo is a commitment for the rest of your life, they require a lot of aftercare not only straight after you get the piece but forever too. When you've invested a lot of money in something you obviously want it to look the best it can do for as long as it can. Sometimes work does require touch ups but that is just part of getting a piece and the healing process as that can be difficult sometimes. There are two key pieces of tattoo aftercare and that is to keep them out of the sun and protected with an SPF at all times and keep your skin nourished. 

What are your thoughts on tattoos?

R x

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