The Accessories That I Reach For Everyday


I went through a stage earlier this year where I didn't reach for any accessories, not even a watch which was something that I was never without for years. But now, I'm back on the accessories bandwagon and there are a set few that I can't stop reaching for and one that I never take off. I'm absolutely obsessed with all the pieces I have and they still fit that minimal quota that I adore so much.



Rings are always something that I've always had a soft spot for. From being a child and being totally obsessed with mood and birthstone rings to now where I'm in love with really dainty minimal pieces. I've been building up on my little ring collection for years and adding in pieces here and there and here are the details on all my pieces; 

The eternity and solid band with the jewels are from Jewellery Box, the wishbone band is from Debenhams. The gold band with the mint green disc is from Accessorize and two of my latest pieces are from Maravilo*. And what sets those two pieces aside from the rest is that Maravilo is a site set up for small independent designers to showcase their work and for us the public to shop. And of course, the pieces are absolutely beautiful, in particular, the gold leaf ring it's such a unique item. I stack all these pieces together and love the mixture of the rose gold against the classic yellow and find they all work together in harmony. 



I became a full-time glasses wearer a couple of years ago and it's been quite the process to get used to. I never realised just how hard I would find it and all the woes that come along with wearing glasses every day. Since that point, I've also invested in contact lens for the days where I don't want to wear my contacts and might need sunglasses. And contacts are great and I do find them comfortable enough to wear but I do prefer to wear my glasses if I can. Glasses have become quite the accessory over the years, which still baffles me if I'm honest but anyway. The guys over at Smart Buy Glasses recently got in touch with me and asked if I wanted a new set of frames. Which of course, I jumped at the chance at and chose this dreamy pair of Chloé frames*. A style that I've adored for years and I can report they're incredibly comfortable and lightweight to wear throughout the day without getting a horrible headache by the end. And I always prefer to go for a brown set of frames over black as I find them a lot softer on my face and they aren't such a stark contrast.



That little rose gold bee has left my neck this year and it's without a doubt one of my most prized possessions. It's the baby rose gold bee from Alex Munroe and it was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend last year. It's still just as beautiful as the first day I received it and it's something that I'm sure will stay in my daily rotation for many years to come yet.

And then there is my current watch choice, for a long time my preferred watch style was a boyfriend style face with a brown leather strap. My favourite pieces came from Uniform wares and Daniel Wellington. But as of right now I'm enjoying something a little more simple and my watch of choice comes from Ellie Beaumont*, it's so simple in terms of design but I still find that it makes a beautiful statement. And also none of your arm hairs get trapped in the strap which was something I was a little concerned about which I realise is a little strange to mention. But if you've ever had your arm hair trapped by a watch it's pretty painful and no-one wants a daily arm hair wax. 


What are your most loved accessories?

Rebecca WarrinerStyle