The A/W Style Pieces I'm Excited To Pull Out Again


Regular readers of this blog will know that a big no-no over on this part of the internet is talking about a season before we're in it. But summer, for the first time ever, I am over you and I'm craving some cooler weather which has thankfully arrived which has put a temporary end to short and dress weather and the leggings and sweatshirts are being pulled back out. Part of me just thinks I'm probably just bored of shaving my legs and having dusty feet from wearing sandals but I'm been thinking about my A/W wardrobe a lot lately and all the pieces I'm excited to wear again and they are... 

thermal leggings

When the cooler months roll around you won't find me in jeans that often as with the chance of rain and more likely the chance of getting covered in mud from walking the dogs I tend to stick to leggings as they're not only easier to wash when you've not got a lot of time but they're just so ridiculously comfortable. However, leggings cannot be worn as trousers without something that will cover the majority of your bum [for me, you do you] and they cannot be see-through at all. And I like thermal thick leggings as not only do they keep the comfort factor but they keep you warm no matter the climate, and way easier to tuck into boots and wellies.



If eighteen year old me could read this post she would be shocked. I don't know how many winters I went through where I would still wear ballet flats and wonder why my feet were purple and I was always cold. I'm sure my mum would very happy that I'm finally dressing appropriately, all it took was a whippet apparently. Last year was finally the year that I properly fell in love with boots that were not only flattering but sensible too. My feet were kept nice and dry but I didn't have to walk around in my wellies, which I love but don't want to have to wear them all the time to be warm. I was lucky enough to work on a couple of awesome campaigns surrounding boots and I cannot wait to put them into my shoe rotation this year. I've got my beloved ankle boots from TOMS* which are the perfect autumn transition and look lovely with dresses too. Then I have my Chelsea boots from Emu* which are lined and leather so whenever I need to go out and look somewhat smart but be warm then those are my go to's as they go with absolutely everything. Finally, my UGG Kilmer* boots which are the warmest and hardiest boots for the winter and saw me through many snowfalls last season and I know they'll be able to do the same for this one.



Last year I became obsessed with finding the perfect men's Aran knit jumper, but usually, they are over £100 and that is not in my budget. I found one on Amazon and then a couple at a Christmas market and they were some of my most loved pieces of the season and because they're real wool they will be able to come out this season too and hopefully many more.  If you're new to this blog and my style posts then you might not know how much a lover I am of men's wooly jumpers. A few years ago it was a massive trend in women's fashion not to make jumpers that were warm or even full length so I hopped over to the men's section and I've never looked back since.



My biggest weakness when it comes to clothes and style is coats. I am utterly obsessed with them and they're always the thing that I like to spend the most on and well, in the UK you can't always tell if you're going to need a coat or not so it's best to have one just incase. Now I dress a lot more sensibly coats are actually my favourite item to wear and I've got a few in my collection I'm very excited to be able to wear again. My Barbour jacket is naturally going to be back into full-time rotation once the end of August comes, I don't think I need to say how much I love that one anymore. Then there is my Craghoppers Josefine coat* not only does this coat share the same name as my beloved dog but it's a key item in my wardrobe. It's waterproof, windproof and has an artic warmth rating so safe to say it sees me through even the harshest of British winters. And don't worry the fur around the hood and in the inside is faux. I've got a couple of padded jackets too that I bought at the end of last winter which are like wearing a duvet which on a sleepy dog walk are the perfect item to wrap yourself in. I always tend to go for green coats as they not only look lovely but don't tend to show up stains that easily which is so important. 


My black backpack and my beloved Cambridge Satchel Bag are both items that are quite seasonal shades and of course, there are no rules about when you can and can't wear something but those deep shades don't tend to go amazingly well with light summer dresses. They were the bags that I used the most last season and I know that when the leaves start to hit the ground they'll be what I reach for. As well as all my other favourite winter accessories like big scarves that can double up as a blanket and my fisherman knit hat that makes me feel like I'm in a Wes Anderson film.


Are you excited for A/W style?

Rebecca WarrinerStyle