The Barely There Beauty Brief

Although I love nothing more than experimenting with makeup and applying my most loved products. Sometimes I just can't be bothered with the upkeep. The obvious answer to this would be to not wear makeup at all. But the process of applying it is something I savour in my routine. So I work to a minimal beauty brief instead and here is my latest barely there makeup menu. 

LA ROCHE POSAY BB BLUR CREME*: The title of this product is enough to send any teenager of the early 2000's running for the hills. Using Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is enough to traumatise anyone's beauty experience. However, it's nothing to be afraid of, even though it does have that scary mousse consistency. It's amazing for smoothing out the complexion and perfecting it without the need for a tonne of product.  It definitely does absorb any excess oil on the skin but not in an uncomfortable drying way or accentuating any dry patches. For a BB cream, it's got the longevity and coverage of a foundation but it feels incredibly light on the skin making it perfect for a minimal effort look. Sadly the shade range is dire with only two options available but if you do manage to fit into those two shades it's a beautiful base and will be perfect for the summer months. 

CLARINS CREAM BLUSH: When trying to obtain something minimal on the skin. I always like to forgo powder and reach for more cream based products. As I find they add a lot more luminosity to the skin. This blusher from Clarins is a great cheek option as it goes on a cream but sets down to a long-lasting powder. Whilst still keeping some of the luminosity of the cream consistency. This might not be my favourite cream blush but it's such a pretty shade to wear on a daily basis as it just adds a slight hint of colour to the cheek. The Bourjois Cream Blush in shade 04 is the perfect dupe for this, not only in formulation but colour too. 

LANCÔME EYESHADOW: Whilst a champagne eye look might be my one true beauty love. It doesn't always scream minimal makeup. So something that is bone coloured and matte is a great option. It's not a matte that makes your eye area look dry and dull which can often be the case. It's so natural [skin tone dependant obviously] it's almost undetectable but it still adds a pretty wash of colour that can neutralise any veins or discoloration on the lid. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY THE CLASSIC AUDREY EYE PENCIL*: I'm not much on eyeliner wearer. But when I've not applied my signature champagne eye I like to add a little something extra. Using a soft brown pencil is the perfect way to add definition in a subtle way. You can either go for a smudged winged out effect by softly lining the eye and using a smudger brush to blend the line out. Or my go to is tight lining the eye, which not only adds a little more interest to the look but helps the lashes to the look fuller and thicker too. 

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA*: As my beloved Maybelline Lash Sensational has bit the dust I've returned to an old favourite. Whilst I don't think this mascara is as good as it's been made out to be online. And it definitely works a lot better on my lashes when the formula has dried out a little. I love how big this makes my lashes look, it almost looks like it multiplies them as they're so voluminous and fanned out. For a pretty minimal makeup look, this is perfect as even though it's got that added drama when you use it sparingly it's ideal. 

CLINIQUE POP LIP - BARE POP*: Out of the entire pop lip line, this is had to be my favourite. The range is perfect when you want a perfected lip without the effort as they contain a smoothing primer. Which smoothes over any imperfections and doesn't cling to any dry patches. Nude lipsticks are something I struggle with as they can often make me look unwell or deathly pale. This is a pink with the smallest hint of peach which is something that works well for me. And even though it contains a tiny amount of shimmer it doesn't transfer from the bullet to the lips. 

What is your favourite barely there makeup look?

R x

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