The Beauty Products That Pick Me Up When...

If there's one thing that I'm incredibly interested in and passionate about it's learning what beauty products pick someone up when they're in need of a little lift. Because whilst beauty is all about having fun and being a little frivolous it can totally change someone's mood in a matter of seconds and that's pretty incredible. So I thought I'd share the beauty products that I reach for whenever I need some sort of pick me up and how truly awesome they make me feel.


Possibly one of the smallest things I can do to help me feel like I'm ready to take on the day or general life is a manicure. It's something that's so simple and a step in our beauty routines that we either take for granted or just presume is a beauty standard. And sometimes I like to leave my nails bare especially if I've been picking at the side of my nails to let them heal but there is just something about having a nice manicure that makes me feel so good, put together and polished. I could have the messiest hair and not a scrap of makeup on but having a beautiful manicure will still give me that confidence. 

Favourites include;


I'm sure like 99% of the people in the world it's rare that I wake up and truly feel alive. And as well as a good skincare routine I love a good primer to perk up my skin and help it to look plump and healthy when in reality I probably don't feel like that. Of course, I know for me to actually look like that without the aid of skincare and priming products that it's all down to lifestyle, diet and everything else in that genre. But hey, that's not always possible and if something can help me elude that full of health aesthetic then I'm going to reach for it. Some people don't love primers but I'm a sucker for them and they're an integral part of my makeup routine, whether or not I need help to look awake or maybe my complexion needs a little extra care they're a fail-safe for me. 

Favourites include;


Whilst my skin might have come on leaps and bounds from the days where it was a cystic acne mess there are still times where it looks a little worse for wear. Scars from breakouts might be a little prominent than usual or maybe an actual breakout is brewing but whatever it is I need a little confidence boost from it. And even if my skin isn't looking it's finest then I won't always wear makeup because I've learnt to embrace my complexion for what it is and it's incredibly freeing to forego makeup even when you don't have 'perfect' skin. Because in reality, who does? But when I do want to wear makeup and my skins a little 'burgh' I reach for a medium coverage base. Nothing so high in coverage that makes me look like I'm wearing a mask but just something that perfects my skin whilst still letting my natural complexion somewhat shine through.

Favourites include;


Having confidence is a complex thing, isn't it? Some days I feel great and sometimes I feel absolutely terrible about myself and everything feels like it's about to come crashing down. I'm a huge advocate that confidence is something that comes from within and outside factors are there to boost that existing feeling it's great to be able to reach for them when we need a top up. Something that's pretty simple that always makes me feel so much more confident about myself is spraying on a scent that I absolutely love. And it all depends on the day sometimes I want to reach for something super floral and sickly sweet and sometimes I like to go for something deep and musky.

Favourites include;


I love to tell myself that I'm brimming full of confidence and wouldn't take crap from anyone. But in reality, I'm a shy girl who hates confrontation but there is nothing like slicking on a red lipstick that makes me feel so empowered. And it's almost unbelievable that an emotion like that can come from a simple lipstick. There is just something so bold and fearless about red lipstick that gives me that confidence that I otherwise lack to confront people. Of course, I don't carefully apply a red lip and begin to start fights with people but it gives me that boost in case I need to reach for it. 

Favourites include;

What beauty products do you reach for when you really need them?

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