The Best Beauty Products To Take On The Go & On Your Travels

With New Year's Eve on the horizon, chances are you might be having to pack an overnight bag. And I like to think of myself as somewhat of an expert when it comes to the overnight bag and what beauty products travel well. So here are a few of my favourites to take on the go that don't explode or spill as well as a few on the go tips. 


A few things to remember when it comes to travelling;

  •  Try to avoid packing glass.
  • Use up sachets and samples.
  • Put tape around anything with a lid that comes off easily. 
  • Decant your favourite products into small tubes and spray bottles. 
  • Use sturdy travel pots that won't crack. 


I wrote an entire ode to why I love beauty products that are packaged in tubes not too long ago [read that post here]. Not only are the best way to ensure that you're getting the most for your money as you can chop them open when you're nearing the end and to every last morsel out. But they're incredibly good for travel, it's rare that I've had an explosion with a product in a tube [just make sure the lid is screwed on properly]. Base products like the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo BB Creme, Eborian CC Creme and Clarins Beauty Flash Balm are great examples of base products that work beautifully in a tube. Finding foundations in a tube can be difficult but one that skims past the traditional glass housing that most bases come in is the Clinique Even Better Foundation. It comes in a very lightweight almost squeezy tube and even though it doesn't have a pump it's still easy enough to dispense properly without a lot of mess. 


Cushion products aren't a new or innovative beauty product by any means as they've been a large part of the Eastern beauty market for years. But 2016 was the year that the Western world really made them into something that was more accessible for us on the low and high end of the price spectrum. Because you don't need a brush to apply the cushion compact it makes this brilliant for taking out and about for either quick touch ups or to travel with. Even though of course applying a product with a sponge isn't a new concept either there is just something so good about the design of the cushion that makes them so wonderful to apply. And you achieve a much better finish with a sponge than you do with a brush. 


We all know the deal with loose powders, they're typically not the easiest thing to deal with. Some loose powders are much more travel-friendly though and those are the ones that come with the netting so the powder can't just fly everywhere as soon as you open it up. The Kiko Loose Powder Eyeshadow and the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation are both great examples of this and in combination with a good brush, you can get away with minimal fallout upon application. I daresay you could apply these on the go if you had some sort of brush roll to store your applicator with. 


Who doesn't love a good multi-tasking product? And when you're travelling with limited space it's even more important to double up. Things like blushers that can be used as lipsticks are awesome and champagne coloured eyeshadows can also be perfect to use as a highlighter too. Then base products like the Clarins Beauty Flash balm and the Eborian CC Creme are wonderful 2 in 1 items for keeping the skin hydrated as well as perfecting it. Eyeshadow palettes with matte browns that can be used through the brows and a pale bone shade can be doubled up a setting powder too. Getting savvy with your beauty stash instead of packing a million and one things is such a big help when travelling. 


As much as I love eyeshadow, brow and lip pencils for their ease of use they're not the easiest to take on the go as the pencil inside can shatter and break. Then, of course, is the nightmare of having to keep them sharp as travelling with a sharpener is a risky game. Twist up products might not always have the same precise point but I find them one of easiest options to travel with as you don't have to worry about them going blunt and becoming unusable. Lipsticks are obviously always in twist up packaging but often their lids can come flying off and then you're left with a lipstick lined handbag and a ruined product. The Clinique Pop Lips and the Fresh Sugar Lip balms have the best packaging as they either screw on or clip on very tightly which is perfect. 

What are your favourite travel friendly beauty products?

R x

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