The Best Lessons To Take From This Year

2015 has been one of the best years for personal growth and discovering who I  truly am. Life is constantly teaching us lessons, whether they are a good or bad and here are the best ones that I'm going to take from the past 12 months. 

  1. Things do happen for a reason, good or bad. 
  2. You can't always see eye to eye with your loved ones and that's ok.
  3. Slowing down is a good thing sometimes. 
  4. Not everybody works at the same pace. 
  5. Distance always makes the heart grow fonder.
  6. Your income, job or working hours don't define you. 
  7. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in the now to have more in the future. 
  8. Being selfish in certain areas of life should be encouraged, not shied away from. 
  9. Dogs are the best at cheering you up in approx 0.5 seconds and always will be. 
  10. Dogs > Humans. 
  11. It's better to have little and be a good person than have a lot and be a vile human.  
  12. Working yourself into the ground isn't cool, it's just bad for your physical and mental health. 
  13. Fighting for what you want isn't always easy, but it's vital. 
  14. It's not totally embarrassing to like Justin Beiber anymore. 
  15. Admitting your struggling with things is hard but always better than suffering alone. 
  16. You always have more time to do things than you think you do. 
  17. Over thinking and worrying is a poor use of the imagination. 
  18. Health always comes before money, materialistic items and social status. 
  19. It's never too late to do anything in life. 
  20. Happiness is an on going journey and there will always be dips in the road. 

What are your favourite lessons to take from the year?

R x 

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