The Best Vintage Pinks & Berries

When the seasons start to change, that means only one thing for me and that is that it becomes the season of vintage pinks and berries. Even though I'm not usually someone who follows the whole seasonal shade rule these colours can look slightly out of place during the sweltering summer months which usually turns into a makeup free period for me. I've gathered together the creme de la creme of my vintage pink and berry shades for your pleasure today and I'm so excited to add them back into my beauty rotation. 

REVLON MATTE BALM IN SULTRY: Not only is this one of my favourite lip product formulations the shade is absolutely beautiful. There is something unique about the shade as it seems to pull a different way on everybody that wears it, on me it's a deep pink with a hint of brown. It's my favourite way to make a statement with my lip colour choice without going for a typical red or burgundy. The formulation of these matte balms is a complete dream as they are long lasting without being too drying, they are more of a satin finish than a matte like the name suggests. The twist packaging makes them a breeze to apply and you can get a precise finish without the need for a liner. 

MAXFACTOR CREAM BLUSH IN LAVISH MAUVE: These little blushes caused quite the stir within the beauty community as they are almost identical to the beautiful, but expensive Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes. The shade Lavish Mauve is the perfect way to wear a berry if you're a beginner to deeper shades as it contains a few lighter tones. These blushes are beautiful in formulation, they're buttery soft and add a beautiful sheen to the cheek without the need for a highlighter. I couldn't recommend them enough if you like the look of the Hourglass blushes ,but don't have the budget for them.

REVLON LIP BUTTER IN BERRY SMOOTHIE: Every year I dig this lip product out without fail. I absolutely adore the shade of Berry Smoothie as it makes my teeth look incredibly white and the formulation is beautiful and akin to some high-end offerings I've tried. Like the name suggests they are buttery soft and hydrate the lips without being too sticky and the pigmentation still manages to be strong. As my lips become typically chapped in the winter I don't like to use anything too drying and so anything that is a balm hybrid is my usual go to. 

REVLON NAIL POLISH IN TEAK ROSE: I've been wearing this shade for most of the summer months, but it will really come into it's own in A/W. It's that perfect vintage pink, a grown up pink that is incredibly flattering on the nails and the formula is surprisingly good. It's not got the same staying power as the likes of Essie or the fool proof brush, but it's worth taking the extra time to apply this beautiful shade.

CLARINS CREAM BLUSH IN SWEET CHERRY: This blush is identical to the Revlon nail polish but in blush form. If you're a fan of wearing pink on cheeks, but don't want to venture into the realms of barbie blue pink then this is the perfect shade for you. It adds a hint of colour to the cheek, whilst the brown undertones makes it slightly sculpting, especially on pale skins. This isn't the creamiest of cream formulas and needs applying to the cheek with your fingers, as it warms the product slightly and then this makes it easier to buff into the skin. 

FRESH SUGAR LIPBALM IN BERRY: I feel like I've been waiting for months to bring this out again as it's so dark in tone and even though it can be worn quite lightly on the lips, I do like to build it up to a deeper finish. If you're a girl who wants to wear a darker lip but you don't want to go to the effort of a matte shade then this is a great alternative. Of course, I don't need to declare my love for the Fresh lip balms again you guys already know that I'm their biggest fan and will probably continue to rave about them on a weekly basis. 

CLINIQUE POP LIP IN PLUM POP*: A shade that I'm not too used to wearing is plum but it's quickly become one of my favourites, I'm a lover of anything that is purple based because it compliments my green eyes perfectly. This is the perfect everyday plum as it's not super deep in tone, it's actually quite fresh on the lips. As the Clinique Pop Lips are formulated with a primer, it skims over dry patches perfectly and is hydrating to the lips but it doesn't slip and slide around so it wears evenly.

What are your favourite vintage pinks and berries?

R x

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