The Clothing Items That I've Had The Longest & Still Wear


After being absolutely horrified by the Stacey Dooley documentary on fast fashion (which every single internet human is rightfully discussing, I even put my own thoughts into a post). I’ve been taking a good look at my wardrobe and what pieces I’ve had in there the longest. No longer being a huge shopper means that means when I do shop I tend to only try and purchase things that I know I can get a lot of use from so here are the things that have really stood the test of time in my wardrobe over the years.



I wear leggings a lot, originally it was because I was regular gym-goer so needed something to work out in but they slowly and surely worked their way into my everyday rotation. I know leggings are always a little bit topical but with a longer jumper when it’s ice cold then I see no problem with them. I believe I bought my first pair of these leggings in 2015 so three years of nearly daily wear and they’re still something that I pull out now. Granted, they are now finally started to wear on the bum but they’re still wearable. They've been a great purchase and for less than £20 I cannot complain at all. I own the Lululemon Align Pants which are incredibly expensive, they do live up to the hype and are so buttery soft which makes them obscenely comfortable but they are very expensive and not something that is available to everyone so it’s good to have a cheaper alternative that works just as well as is more readily available.


My love for Bretons is something that is well known on this corner of the internet, I’m a serious stripe enthusiast. The two that I’ve had in my collection the longest have come from Joules and Armor Lux, both have continued to wash beautifully and are that classic Breton fit and weight. And this is a clothing piece that only gets better the more you wear it, it’s not a piece you wash after every single wear by any means (personally, I don't do that with any of my clothes anyway). I would say that the Armor Lux Breton’s are ever so slightly smarter as they’re a crisp white and navy rather than the Joules which is more of a cream and navy. However, Joules are more affordable and more readily available than the Armor Lux which is only available through their website as they're based in France.


My brown leather loafers from Office have been one of the best investments I’ve ever made shoe wise in the last 10 years. I’m onto my sixth year of wearing them and even now they’re not really showing that much wear and tear which is surprising considering how much I wear them. They’re a classic brown leather loafer, nothing too fancy but for an investment piece, I want something that is clean and minimal as that stands the test of time far more than something trend led. They could do with a good polish and maybe re-heeling but other than that I imagine they’ll be on my shoe rack for many more years to come. Although Office doesn’t do the same style anymore they do something similar all year round.



I don’t own too many designer goods but one that I do own is my Mulberry scarf. It’s a beautiful grey cotton with the old Mulberry logo all over it and it’s something that I wear time and time again when A/W rolls around. This piece was a Christmas gift from my sister so it’s not only something that is incredibly sentimental but something that has stood the test of time. Much like the Breton's I always find the longer you own a scarf the more comfortable it is and I love that all my perfumes have mixed into it over the years. I think if I ever purchase another designer scarf it will most definitely be an ACNE one, they’re so beautiful and something that would fit into my wardrobe perfectly.


If my memory serves me correctly then my white Converse are actually the oldest pair of shoes that I still own. Apart from my Hunter wellies but now they’ve cracked they’re not of that much use anymore. For the longest time I couldn’t quite crack my Converse to be really comfortable for extended periods of wear but now at nearly 7 years old, they are. Something I do recommend for the classic style is always going up half a size, I did that with my black pair and they were comfortable from day one. Obviously, with 7 years wear under their belt they are certainly comfortable now but they are tatty, but I sort of love that about Converse. The good thing is that because they’re canvas you can sling them in the wash if you ever get them a little too dirty.


A store that I certainly miss for their great basic pieces is American Apparel. One of the most worn and loved pieces from my university days is a bodycon black scoop back long-sleeved dress. I rarely wear it as a dress anymore as I don’t like anything too tight but I wear it either as a top with midi skirts, shorts or underneath long jumpers not only to provide another layer of warmth but also to stop my bum from showing to the world. Dresses like this are so versatile and can be used in so many ways making them a staple in most girls wardrobes. There was once a time where I was planning to get rid of this dress because I didn't wear it enough but I'm so glad I've given it a new lease of life as the quality is undeniable.


Although it’s not something that I wear anywhere near as much as I used to one of my most loved wardrobe pieces ever has to be my Topshop Faux Leather Jacket. I must have worn this hundreds and hundreds of times and it’s still going strong. As I’ve changed shape over the years the jacket has to so I should probably invest in a new one in the next couple of years as I do think a faux leather jacket is a classic wardrobe staple. They’re so timeless and effortless and can be paired with just about anything in your wardrobe!


Topshop jeans have been my go-to jean of choice for 12 years now, that’s a long time to be so loyal to a brand but I’ve always found they not only provide the best fit but they also last really well. And as of right now my leather coated Joni Jeans are something that I still turn to, they are slightly faded now that’s for sure but still wearable. The Joni is one of the brands most popular styles, very high waisted and sits comfortably around the belly button which is something I prefer in my trousers now. It’s safe to say that I’m glad the low slung jean trend has stayed in the early 2000’s as it’s the higher the better for me these days. I don't believe they sell the coated style anymore which is a shame as it bridged the gap nicely between casual and smart.


Every single piece that I’ve featured in this post is from a ‘fast fashion’ brand and even though I don’t love what the brands promote I still think you can sensibly shop from them. Ethical brands, as wonderful as they are more often than not are out of people’s price ranges and also might not be to someone’s style and that’s ok. The biggest thing that I’ve taken away from all the recent chatter about sustainability is that we need to shop less, so even if I buy something from Topshop if I’m going to keep it in my wardrobe for 5 years then that is absolutely ok. What isn’t ok is to constantly shop in mass, not wear any of the pieces and then getting rid of them in just a few months. Taking good care of the clothing pieces you own is more important than ever, so not washing as much as and then repairing any little bits of damage is what has helped me maintain a lot of pieces over the years and something I will continue to do.


what wardrobe pieces have you had the longest?

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