The Creme De La Creme Of The Concealer World

Concealer is just one of those beauty products that I never got excited about in the past. And when you think about it why would we get excited about a product that's number one aim is to conceal something that we don't want on our face, to begin with? But after so many failed attempts to find something that worked rather than making the general area look worse. I've found a few from both ends of the price spectrum that really do work and cover up anything imaginable.


BOURJOIS RADIANCE REVEAL CONCEALER*: Typically I've always had a somewhat good experience with Bourjois concealers but any fair skinned girl will know that they're not all that accommodating in terms of shades that are available. A new release from the brand last year that got a lot of good press was the Radiance Reveal Concealer. Having something around that is only there to help with dark circles is not something that I've had in my beauty stash for a long time. It's a light salmon toned product that's main aim is to counteract darkness under the eye and add some sort of radiance and it does exactly that. It's not so bright that is has a weird reverse panda effect and it contains enough pigment to hide any darkness. The formulation is nourishing so that it doesn't cling to any dry patches but it doesn't slip and slide around the complexion either which can be a big issue when it comes to concealers. I don't notice this wearing away quickly although I do always make sure I set my base products. But I can't imagine it being quickly eaten up even by an oily skin or any skin on a hot summers day. 


RIMMEL WAKE ME UP: For years and years, this was my go-to concealer and it was all I ever spoke about. Although it's main aim is to add radiances to the skin I found it absolutely beautiful used all over the face. Again like Bourjois Rimmel don't have the most inclusive shade range but the fairest one worked for my skin all year around. It's not the highest coverage option out there but if you just want something that will cover up darkness and a little bit of redness than this does a wonderful job. It's so creamy and light on the skin but it still covers things up which is a tough combination to get right. It's a shame this isn't spoken about more online as it's a fantastic concealer and perfect for everyday use.


NARS CREAMY RADIANT CONCEALER*: Nars base products are always incredibly hyped up online and this concealer was no exception. From what people said I knew it would more than likely be great but I had no idea just how good it was. Years ago there was a concealer from the brand Collection that was so famous in the blogging world for covering up absolutely everything you could imagine and personally, I never got along with it. It was so heavy that it was hard to work with and when applied onto blemishes it just caked terribly. This much more expensive [le sigh] concealer from Nars is exactly what I though the Collection option was going to be. It's pretty full coverage and works beautifully over discolouration and blemishes, not so much under the eyes but it could work in some capacity I'm sure. It's quite thick in consistency but not so heavy that it's too difficult to blend into the complexion it doesn't sit on top of the skin and blends with ease. If you need something to work with blemishes that is going to glide over them and feel light on the skin then this is a great option as you don't need too much to conceal anything you don't want on show. 

BAREMINERALS BARESKIN COMPLETE COVERAGE CONCEALER*: Without a doubt, this is the best concealer that I've ever tried and out of all the options that I've got to share with you today, this is by far my favourite. Which probably isn't anything new if you're a regular reader of my beauty content. It's a serum concealer so it's incredibly kind to the skin but the coverage is like nothing else. It can cover up absolutely everything you can imagine from blemishes to under eye darkness. It sits comfortably on the skin and wears all day without creasing or fading away. And because it's so full coverage yet nourishing in its formulation you could easily double it up as an all over base in a pinch or when out and about on the go. For so long I didn't think high-end concealers were worth the money at all but there are a couple that are worth it in my opinion as finding a full coverage concealer on the high street that doesn't look incredibly fake or sit weirdly on the skin isn't easy. 

What's your favourite concealer?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty