The Do It All Brushes

Finding a good brush is one thing. But finding a beautiful brush that is the perfect multitasker is a whole new level of satisfying. I've rounded up my favourite brushes to share with you today that can all be used for multiple makeup products and purposes. 


FOUNDATION: A couple of years ago this was the only brush that I used for foundations. It works particularly well with bases that have a thicker consistency like the Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation or MAC Studio Sculpt. As it's got a domed shape it really gets into the hard to reach contours of the face. Like around the nose and under and around the eyes. It's a little denser than your typical buffing brush which is why it works so well with thicker products. 

CREAM BLUSH: I always find that a good brush to apply and blend cream products can be difficult to find. Again it's the density of this brush which makes it work so well. It picks up just enough product and allows you to pat on just the right amount of pigment. And then blend to your desired finish without taking all of your foundation with it. Which can be a common issue with cream products. 

MINERAL FOUNDATION/POWDER: Loose powders are so tricky to handle let alone apply without dousing yourself in it. The RT Expert Face Brush picks up product with minimal fallout and allows you to buff it into the skin just like you would a foundation. Although I find it's best when used with a loose product it does also work well with pressed options too. 


CONCEALER: I'm not a lover of applying concealer with my fingers so I depend on a brush. Before this Zoeva brush reigned supreme in my collection it was the Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush. The two are essentially the same in terms of design but this option from Zoeva is a little bigger. It blends in concealer into any problem areas and under the eye with ease. As it's dense you get an incredible flawless finish and it's small enough to get into the contours around the eye. 

UNDER EYE ILLUMINATOR: Before the Kiko Highlighter Pen* came into my life I was never a lover of highlighting products under the eye. But they add so much life and luminosity to the eye that something in that genre has become a solid step in my routine. This brush works perfectly with that type of product as even though they're often so light in consistency. They need something that will blend it out and into the skin with ease that won't drink up all the product either. 

HIGHLIGHTER: I can imagine that with a cream highlighter this brush would be perfect. However I like to use it combination with a powder, the small domed shape allows you to maintain a lot of control whilst depositing just the right amount of product onto the desired areas of the face. Highlighter is always one of those products that is incredibly easy to go overboard with. 


CREAM BLUSH: When working with particularly pigmented cheek products this brush is ideal. It buffs the product into the face in a flawless manner leaving an almost airbrush effect on the skin. And even though it's a little denser than your typical cheek brush the duo fibers means it's still incredibly lightweight. 

POWDER BLUSH: Powder blush is always one of those products that I've struggled to find a good brush to apply it with. Especially with powers that aren't quite as buttery as you'd like them to be. You need a brush that will really pick up the product so you can blend it into the skin with ease. Fluffy brushes always tend to fall a little flat for me. I feel like I'm just wasting the product by having to swirl it around so much to pick up anything. 


HIGHLIGHTER: Whilst the Zoeva Face Shape Brush works well with highlighter this brush is also beautiful. As it's so delicate and fluffy it makes it almost impossible to go overboard with the product. It blends everything in seamlessly and is light enough not to disturb any other products you might be using. It's great in combination with cheek products like MAC Soft & Gentle. 

POWDER: When using a standard pressed powder I like to use something that is quite fluffy but not so light that it's not going to pick up any product. This brush from my all time favourite brand Zoeva achieves this with ease. I like to press powder into the skin using a patting motion rather than swirling or stroking. As I find that actually helps my makeup to stay put all day instead of just adding a heavy layer to the skin. 

What are your favourite do it all brushes?

R x

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