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I recently became a full-time glasses wearer and the biggest difference I've noticed is that my makeup routine has had to be readjusted accordingly. This isn't something I ever took into consideration when I was only wearing them part time, but now they are on my face for a lot longer it has to be considered unless you want your glasses covered in foundation or have mascara specks on them. So here is my brand new glasses friendly makeup menu. 


ACCESSORIZE PRIME TIME*: My beloved Clarins primer recently came to the end of its life so I've been using its high street dupe a lot more. It's so close to the Clarins not only in formula, but the way that it makes my makeup behave too. It smoothes out the complexion and balances the skin so it creates the perfect base for anything you might apply over the top. For such a budget option, it doesn't feel sticky or slippy on the skin which can be more typical for cheaper primers.

L'OREAL TRUE MATCH: I've found anything too dewy or even a satin formula can transfer like crazy onto my glasses so I've needed something a little more matte. There is nothing worse than having your glasses either covered in foundation and then taking them off and seeing your base is no longer on your face because it's all transferred onto your frames. The L'Oreal True Match is a great natural base option that leans a little more matte than some of my other foundations. As this can cling to small dry patches it's important to make sure your skin is properly prepped before application. 

BAREMINERALS BLEMISH REMEDY POWDER*: To not only set my base but to really make sure it's not going to transfer anywhere I've been using a new addition to my powder collection. The BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Powder* sets down my base whilst still providing me with extra coverage in the areas that I need it without making my complexion look too heavy or flat. It's perfect for those of us who are blemish prone too as it contains spot fighting ingredients like tea tree and witch hazel. 


SOAP & GLORY ARCHERY PENCIL*: My brows aren't my favourite thing, I've been growing them out for months so they seriously overgrown and messy but it turns out too much a strong brow can look super strange with glasses. I try to make my brows look as natural as possible but with a harsh shadow it can be all to easy to go overboard. The S&G Archery Pencil is incredible at filling in any sparse areas whilst still making my brows look as natural as possible. 

LANCÔME EYESHADOW: A champagne eye is kind of my thing. So it feels a little strange to stray away from it but now I have more focus on my eyes with the set of frames that I chose I've found I need to go a little more matte with my shadow choice. It's given me the chance to dig out this old favourite. I would have never thought of Lancome for eyeshadow but it turns out they are pretty darn fabulous. This is a natural bone shade so is pretty undetectable on the eye  but it still adds a wash of colour that can neutralise any veins or discoloration on the lid. 

SHU UEMURA EYELASH CURLERS: I can't say I ever considered myself to have long lashes before but it would seem they are pretty lengthy. I rely on my lash curlers anyway to give my lashes a serious curl but they've become even more important in my routine to make sure that my lashes don't fall down and start rubbing against my lenses.

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL: Mascara is a product that I struggle with, I either really love an item or I really dislike it. I'd heard great things about the Maybelline Lash Sensational a few months a go when they did a big campaign with bloggers. This gives my lashes a lot of lift which is exactly what I've needed and it really maintains a curl without the stubborn waterproof formulation. The small and easy to manoeuvre brush makes it fool proof to apply and you can really get into the far inner corners to pick up those stubborn tiny lashes. 

Do you have any beauty tips for glasses wearers?

R x

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