The Importance Of Taking Time Out For Yourself

Before I entered the adult world of work I never realised how important taking time out for yourself was. It's not something that is really spoken about. Maybe it's because we all feel some unspoken judgement that if we take time out then we're selfish and lazy? I'm a big advocate of taking time out for yourself to be a little selfish and do whatever you please. If there is ever a time to do that it's probably in your 20's. 


We're forever nurturing the other relationships in our life but what about the one we have with ourselves? No matter how important those people are you should always be number one. I truly believe that unless you have a good relationship with who you are as a person then how can you serve those other relationships? It's a long process and something that is constantly evolving and changing. 


The time that I take out for myself is the time to do whatever I please. It might be tidying through my wardrobe, reading a book or giving myself a pedicure. It's the time to do whatever makes you happy without having to think of anybody else but you. One of my favourite things to do is to take myself out on a little shopping date. I don't shop well with other people because I'm too aware that they might find it boring but when I'm alone I can lap H&M as many times as I like. 


No-one has the right to tell you that you're not worthy of taking time out. It seems to be only acceptable to do so if you're having a tough time or a terrible day. You could be having the best day in the world, but you might still want to take a few hours out to do whatever you please. Everyone deserves a rest, we're not machines that are just around to work and proof a point to society. 


A feeling that we can all probably relate to is feeling guilty for taking time out. I know it's something that constantly runs through my head. When I eventually find time to relax there is always a niggling thought in the back of my head that I could be doing something more productive. Time out for yourself is productive though if we don't take care of ourselves and let ourselves rest than the other areas of our life will suffer, especially our work. 

How do you like to take time out for yourself?

R x

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