The Joy Of Makeup & 5 Staple Feel Good Products

Writing about beauty so often means I can easily forget the real joys of it, which is strange I know, you would think I would appreciate it more. Over the past month, I've barely worn any makeup and it's given me the chance to look at the relationship that I have with beauty. I always think it's interesting to hear bloggers thoughts on the subject that they choose to write about. So today, I'm going to delve into my own backstory and share 5 of my favourite joy giving products. 

When I was a teenager I wasn't really into makeup, the obsession hit in my early twenties. It probably all began when I had really bad cystic breakouts and my confidence was shattered. I'd always struggled with spots on my chin but this was on another level and the scars that they left behind were often worse than the breakouts themselves. This was also around the time that I discovered the world of beauty blogs, reading what these girls were writing made me feel such excitement towards beauty. Which is something that I'd never really felt before, as sad it might sound I always just saw makeup as a requirement. 

If I'm completely honest, I've judged beauty in a stereotypical way before. Now my feelings towards the topic couldn't be more different. Just because you feel passionate towards what you lipstick you wear doesn't mean that's the only thing that you're interested in. It doesn't make you shallow or air-headed, some of the most intelligent women I know write about beauty. I think there is something almost magical about how certain products can make you feel. Whilst I used to feel reliant on makeup, now I just see it as an incredible added bonus to enhance what I already have. 

The process of applying my makeup in a morning is something truly sacred in my routine. It's one of the only times that I get to sit down and do something that makes me feel special and if I'm feeling a little low and lacking in confidence it's the perfect pick me up. Whilst beauty products might be materialistic and not a necessity at all the way that they can make me feel is something that makes it worth that and so much more. There should be nothing shameful about using something to make yourself a feel little happier.  

YSL YOUTH LIBERATOR FOUNDATION: My favourite high-end foundations always come from YSL. They just seem to get them right, whatever kind of finish they are. The Youth Liberator Foundation is gel formula so it's incredibly kind to dry and dehydrated skin and it provides a huge amount of glow without making the complexion look greasy or glittery. Even though it's such a glow-inducing base it's got an incredible wear time and even after 10 hours, it's still hanging around. One of the only downsides to YSL bases is that they are highly scented which could be an irritant to sensitive skins. Of course, being a high-end product does mean it's got a hefty price tag but I've always found that they completely justify the extra pennies. Out of the areas of my beauty routine I'll away choose to splurge on my base. 

MAC MINERALIZE SKINFINISH IN SOFT & GENTLE: Any type of highlighter is a joy to apply but this cult classic from MAC is on another level of wonderful. Even on fair skin the peach undertone isn't too strong, it just adds a beautiful glow and radiance to the cheek. You can wear this on a day to basis in combination with a light hand or you can amp it up to a really intense finish. If you were so brave you could totally wear this on the eye too so in a pinch it's a great multitasker. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY COLOUR CHAMELEON IN CHAMPAGNE DIAMONDS*:  A champagne eye is what I go for on a daily basis. It's a fail-safe eye look that can be worn with any lip or cheek combination. When I want to make my daily look a little more exciting I always swipe on the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil*. It adds a little bit more glitz and definition to the eye with very little effort and prolongs the wear time of any shadow that you might be wearing underneath too. 

JO MALONE PEONY & BLUSH SUEDE PERFUME: This is my special occasion perfume, not that I have that many to go to. Even when I'm just popping out for dinner I always make sure I douse myself in this scent. My skill for describing perfume is pretty dire but what I can say is this smells somewhat like champagne but in a good way. Even with that pang of fizziness, it still offers an edge of sophistication making it evening appropriate too. Like all Jo Malone scents, it's beautiful for layering with other fragrances too. 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY CHEEK TO CHIC LOVE GLOW BLUSHER :This is a little out of the ordinary from my usual blush choice. It's an incredibly beautiful pop of pink even on even the palest of skins. It contains a hint of gold shimmer so if you're feeling lazy then it completely eliminates the need for a highlighter as it instantly adds light to the skin. Like all the Charlotte Tilbury products I've tried the quality is outstanding and, of course, the rose gold details on the packaging is dreamy. 

What is your favourite thing about makeup?

 R x

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