The Lazy Girl Lip Library

Out of all the areas of my beauty routine, the area where I want to be as fuss-free as possible is my lip colour. I could buff and blend foundation for hours. But I can never be bothered with the upkeep of a statement lip colour and a temperamental formulation.  So I like whatever I'm using to be as fuss-free as possible but to still be long lasting and make somewhat of a statement on the lips. I've rounded up my favourite lip options that do just that to share with you today. 

CLINIQUE POP LIP*: The colour range of the Pop Lip line is pretty big, there are so many shades to choose from that you're bound to find something that works well for you. For more of a high-end lip option, they're at the lower end of the price spectrum. Which is perfect if you want to treat yourself to something a little more luxe but don't have a huge budget to do so. They're a lot different to most lipsticks out there as they contain a built in primer. Which instantly smoothes over any imperfections and helps create the illusion of a fuller looking lip line. They're mostly a satin finish, some are a little more glossy and some are a little more matte. But they're mostly a comfortable to wear all day satin. Their wear time is great and they can easily be touched up through the day if needs be. 

FRESH SUGAR LIP BALMS: When you're not in the mood for a lipstick a good tinted balm is a great option. Of course, they're never going to be quite as long lasting as a traditional lipstick. But these balms from Fresh give many a run for their money. The shade range is beautiful and goes from deep dark vampy shades which make getting used to those hues a breeze. Then the nudes in the range are never too overbearing and make you look like you're donning the concealer lip look. Although they are marketed as a tinted balm they're so strongly pigmented that when they're first applied you could fool anybody into thinking that they're a lipstick. But the amount of moisture and nourishment they provide is unlike anything else on the market. 

REVLON MATTE BALMS: Lip crayons are a fail-safe in the lazy girl lip library. And out of all the options available on the market, the Revlon Matte Balms are my favourite. Their formula is absolutely beautiful, don't let the word matte put you off either as they're much more of a satin finish on the lips. They're long lasting but aren't drying in any way which makes them perfect when you don't want to worry about the upkeep of a drying matte lip option. The chubby lip crayon packaging makes them a breeze to apply as you get all the precision of a liner but the thicker bullet of a lipstick. 

LANOLIPS LIP OINTMENTS*: If you're a lover of something that feels more like a gloss on the lips then the Lanolips lip ointments are beautiful. They still provide all the nourishment and hydration of the cult classic Lanolips lip ointment but also provide a lovely wash of colour. Even though they are typically more glossy on the lips they're not sticky at all. And aren't too slippy that you run the risk of accidentally ending up with the product on your cheek. The only downside to them is that you have to apply them from the tube onto your fingers. Whereas it would be a little more hygienic to have some sort of applicator. 

REVLON LIP BUTTER: Another great lip option from the lower end of the price spectrum is the Revlon Lip Butters. They behave just like a typical tinted lip balm but they actually don't have any lip benefits which is a shame. The pigmentation that they offer is sheer but very buildable, especially with the darker shades. They give almost a soft focus look to the lips and glide over any imperfections or dryness. 

Are you a lazy girl when it comes to your lip products?

R x

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