The Lazy Girls Guide To Not Washing Your Hair

In a sea of posts all about my favourite products with pretty packaging and other odes to my most loved items. There is a subject that I absolutely love to write about when it comes to beauty and that's not washing my hair. Something if you had asked about me a few years ago I would have looked at you with absolute horror because until I was 21 I was a daily hair washer. And it wasn't until my hair became horribly damaged did I even think about skipping a hair washing day and letting those natural oils work their magic and they really did. So if you're interested in not washing your hair then here are some of the best things I've ever found to help with the process;


Before I start rambling on about how to not wash your hair something pretty important to note is that retraining your hair is a long process but it can be done. And I know how hard it is because I used to be a daily hair washer and truly believed that I could never ever miss a wash because by the end of the day my tresses were just so greasy and when you have very fine hair it can easily look like a stringy mess. It's all small steps when it comes to retraining your hair and taking it quite literally one day at a time. If it's something that you really want to do then be prepared to dedicate a few years to it. But don't fear or worry because it can be done and then you can have all that wonderful time to do something you truly love doing rather than washing your hair.


It might be obvious to think about your hair type but something that probably isn't so obvious that comes into play when you don't want to wash your hair a lot is your skin type. As I have quite oily to combination skin that does affect my scalp and that is something to bear in mind when it comes to your hair and what you need to do with it. And then, of course, there is your hair type, as mine is very fine it tends to get weighed down easily and it's very soft. Which of course means it looks lovely and shiny but it doesn't like to hold a style and just slips out of most things I put it in, especially curls. Typically when your hair is very soft and fine it gets greasy easier than if you have very course dry hair which can typically go much longer without washing. Knowing what you're dealing with is half of the battle. 


Our lifestyle impacts pretty much everything when it comes to the effectiveness of our beauty products. And especially when it comes to our hair washing schedule, there are so many things that come into play. It can all begin with the way that you sleep, where you live, your job, your exercise regime, your diet and a whole host of other things to think about. As I'm fortunate enough to work from home that means I don't have to think about where I live too much when it comes to my hair as I don't have to battle with city pollution and grime which is a big problem for so many people. Something I do have to take into consideration is that I do exercise and I'm not an overly sweaty person but it does play a role in the condition of my hair of course. 



When on the quest to go longer without washing the first thing that you need to take a look at product wise is the shampoo that you're using. For a very long time, I bought the most nourishing product I could find which is important if you struggle with dry hair but if it's more normal and doesn't require such a heavy boost of moisture then don't give it to it. All it does it weigh your hair down when it doesn't need it and without a doubt allows it to become greasy quicker. And as I'm always on the quest to add more bounce to my hair I typically like to go for something that can add volume, deep cleanse as well as give it a small hit of hydration. 


A very obvious product option when it comes to not washing your hair is using dry shampoo. At the moment I've got to the point where I don't really need to use one unless it's incredibly hot and I've been sweating in my sleep but generally I can skip it and I'm on a 5-day wash cycle. However, it's been a large part of my journey to not washing my hair and it's pretty obvious what a dry shampoo does. The key I've found to it not getting your hair too congested with product which is something that can so easily happen is to not use it until you're absolutely desperate. And dry shampoo is something that is great for spraying in the hair to add a little bit of texture but waiting until your hair can no longer go without is something that I've found incredibly useful. As well as spraying it on your hair before you go to bed and allowing it to absorb overnight works wonders.


And finally here are some quick fire tips and tricks to not washing your hair; 

  • Don't play with your hair, the oils on your hands are going straight into your tresses. 
  • If you can gently put your hair up do so, especially if you know you're a nervous hair player. 
  • Wash your hair thoroughly, sometimes I wash twice to get it really clean and keep on top of deep cleansing.
  • Be aware of how much product your putting in your hair.  

Do you have any tips for washing your hair less?