The New Beauty Classics VS The Old Ones

This blog has given me a beautiful visual diary of all the beauty products that I absolutely adored from the beginning and there's a lot that can change in 6 years. So I thought today I would share all of my old favourites against my new loves and why I moved on from them. As I'm very much a creature of habit I always believe that if you find a beauty product that works beautifully for you and your lifestyle then why change it? But for some reason or another, you might have to and here are all my old favourites pinned against my new ones.



CLARINS SMOOTHING PERFECTING TOUCH PRIMER: For my first beauty category as you can see, there has been no change and whilst there are few primers that I adore nothing has ever beaten the Clarins Smoothing Perfecting Touch. It was one of the first primer products that I saw a noticeable difference from and one that truly worked with my skin. And even though it's expensive you only need a small amount to notice a difference from so you can really make this stand the test of time and get your money's worth. It does contain silicone but it doesn't feel slick on the skin at all nor do I find that with multiple uses that it breaks my skin out at all. The greatest thing about this priming product is that it smoothes out the skin wonderfully but it hydrates the areas that need it but keeps the patches that need a little bit of oil control in check. And if I'm having a makeup free day then sometimes I like to just use this to create a more perfected canvas without foundation.




RIMMEL WAKE ME UP CONCEALER: For years and years, I heard people praise this product line for its ability to brighten the skin as well as add coverage and whilst I've never been able to get a foundation light enough for me the concealer was the perfect option for me under the eyes. It added just the right amount of coverage, luminosity and it didn't contain any glitter which is rare to find in something that can be used to add light to the skin. I'm a big believer that the high street can do wonderful concealers to that you don't need to splurge on anything high-end.


BAREMINERALS BARE SKIN CONCEALER*: I just can't tear myself away from this concealer. It's much different to my old favourite as it's much thicker in consistency and creamier and it doesn't add as much luminosity. But it blends and covers beautifully and can hide just about anything that you might be struggling with and never creases. It's much more suited for overall use whereas the Rimmel was predominantly for under the eyes. 



LAURA MERCIER SILK CREME FOUNDATION: When my skin has bad I tried a number of high coverage bases but none of them worked as beautifully as the LM Silk Creme, which has now sadly been discontinued and that's the biggest reason why I moved on from it. It was a full coverage base that was thick and smelt almost like paint when applied to the skin but it blended seamlessly and covered like a dream. On good days I could completely skip concealer when using this and you wouldn't even need a powder to get it to stick around all day. Granted it wasn't one for drier skins but with the right primer and moisturiser you could still get away with it but it was much more suited to an oily skin.


CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER FOUNDATION: It was a toss up between this and the YSL Youth Liberator Foundation and it's a definite tie as I do have to pretend that this foundation suits me all year round but it's truly beautiful. You don't need a primer or a concealer to achieve a flawless base and the coverage is flawless. It's not something that has a really dewy finish or a very matte one but it just looks like naturally perfected skin. I'd say it's more suited to oily or combination skin as it might be a touch drying but it's most certainly one to check out if you can get a good colour match and have the right skin type. It's a great reasonably affordable base that stays around all day on the skin and makes the complexion look absolutely perfect. And it's really travel friendly too, even though I love a luxe glass bottle it's not always the most travel friendly option. 



L'OREAL TRUE MATCH POWDER: I don't remember a powder really wowing me in the beginning days of this blog. But I do remember how much and how many times I bought the L'Oreal True Match and loved it. It added a small amount of coverage, set everything into place whilst feeling comfortable to wear on the skin all day. It's ironic now to think about it as I love the L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation so much. 


BAREMINERALS BAREPRO POWDER FOUNDATION*: Even though I don't ever use this powder as a foundation on its own I absolutely love it on top of any base that I own to perfect the skin that little bit more as well setting everything into place. It's a powder that wears beautifully on the skin and never separates and it feels comfortable throughout the day which can be rare to find as so often powders can feel great when first applied but as they wear they become tight and uncomfortable. It's perfect for taking on the go for any base touch ups as it has the added coverage which I why I prefer it over most powder options. 



NATURAL COLLECTION PINK CLOUD BLUSH: If you want to know what is probably my most repurchased product of all time apart from La Roche Posay Effalcar Duo then it's probably this blush from budget brand Natural Collection. It was a brand that I always loved when I was a teenager and was always loyal to their powder products. Their blushes, in particular, were lovely, they were very simple in terms of design and colour range but the formulation was simple but substantial and lasted well even on my oily skin. There are a few great budget blushers on the market but if you're after something simple that can just get the job done of adding colour to the cheek then this is wonderful.


TARTE EXPOSED 12 HOUR AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSHER: Any colour in the dirty rose family like the Nars blush in Douceur or Tarte Exposed has got to be my all time favourite right now. There are runners up like the Hourglass blush in Mood Exposure and Stila's Convertible Colour in Peony but without fail at least one a week I will wear Tarte Exposed. The colour is the perfect healthy flush that sculpts the skin and the formulation is beautiful, it's long lasting and comfortable to wear and even though it's a matte shade it doesn't suck all life away from the skin. And considering how much I've worn this blush I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of it so I'm bound to have it in my collection for years. The reason I have a penchant for costly blush offerings is I find the colour range is better than that on the high street and the formulation is a touch nicer too. 



MAC NAKED LUNCH: When I discovered that champagne eyeshadow shades were something that really suited me I hunted high and low for the perfect one and I think on my pale skin it's MAC's NL. It doesn't sit too pink or too peach and it has that softness without being too icy either. The MAC formula is, of course, second to none and stays on the lid and blends like a complete dream. It's still a shade I reach for on a regular basis but I'm not sure it's something I would buy again.


BURBERRY EYESHADOW IN PALE BARELY*: This was an incredibly popular eyeshadow once upon a time in the blogging world and I never gave it much thought. I always thought it might a little unflattering on my eyes but it turns out it's one of the most beautiful ways to make a statement without going for a smokey eye. The formulation is really something quite special and even though it's of course incredibly expensive for a single eyeshadow it's beautiful. I like that is has a touch of glimmer and a beige base but it's more taupe when it's on the lid which is something I've come to love on my complexion. 



YSL BABYDOLL MASCARA: It pains me that I loved such a high-end mascara but it was truly beautiful and if I could bring myself to spend the money on it then it's probably the only one that I'd use. It fanned out my lashes beautifully and gave me such a lovely lift and curl that I never felt the need to even use another mascara on top of it which is what I typically do. Alongside giving me the exact lash look that I wanted it never smudged along my upper lid which is usually a problem I have with a lot of mascaras and even though it stayed put all day it wasn't a nightmare to remove.


MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA: Whilst I adore the YSL Babydoll mascara I know it's not a sensible option as they have a short shelf month and if you get an eye infection you have to get rid of it and throwing something away that expensive is practically nauseating. The Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara gives me so much lift as well as a beautiful amount of separation as well as volume at the root. It stays put all day without ever smudging and in many ways behaves exactly like a waterproof mascara but obviously, it's not so horribly difficult to remove like most waterproof options. It's not too dissimilar to the YSL option in terms of what it does for my lashes but the wand is different which I prefer as it's curved and I find that easier to use and really get down to the root of the lash. 



MAC MYSTERY: Only the second category to have no change which is a surprise as like I said I'm a complete creature of habit. When I first started writing this blog I didn't even know doing your brows was a thing and ever since I've really not got into them. But one thing I do like to do is fill in the sparse areas to give them a fuller look, which luckily isn't too taxing as I have naturally very dark fluffy brows. The best product I've ever found to match the shade of my brows perfectly is the MAC shadow in Mystery, it's a neutral brown that doesn't make them look ashy or too red and it gives the most natural look in combination with a good angled brush.

What are some of your old and new favourites?

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