The Non Fussy Guide To Liquid Lips

Something that has never had much air time on this blog is anything in the lip gloss family because I'm far too lazy for such a faffy product nor do I like having my hair glued to my lips. And when the whole world of liquid lip products first became popular online I wasn't too drawn in, I used and loved the Rimmel Apocolips for a while but then I quickly lost interest. But recently over the past year, I've gotten more into them and I've got a few options here that are lazy girl friendly and approved. 

TOO FACED SWEET PEACH CREAMY LIP OIL*: My recent lip product love and one that I've been reaching for the most in the transitional weather period is the Too Faced Sweet Peach creamy lip oil. A product that on the surface I never thought I would have any interest in because it sounds like everything I normally dislike. The name creamy lip oil doesn't really do them any justice and I find them to feel more like a liquid balm that feels incredibly comforting on the lips rather than a messy oily gloss. The pigmentation is smooth and opaque in one swipe which is quite surprising as you might think they would be sheer but they're not. They wear well too and most importantly they don't gather around the lips after a few hours which is something I cannot bear when it comes to lip products. Typically I get a good 2-3 hours out these and if I blot them down then I can get more of a stain than a creamy finish on the lips.

BAREMINERALS BUTTERCREAM LIP GLOSS*: BareMinerals have recently released an entire collection of nude lip products and a firm favourite of mine from the range has got to be the buttercream lip glosses. They're exactly what I like in a more glossy lip product, they're comforting on the lips, easy to work with and the colour is opaque in one swipe and doesn't just melt away. They're easy to wear throughout the day, they're not sticky or easily smeared and when you do need to reapply it looks like new once again and doesn't gather any remaining product. They're formulated with a lip plumping technology without the tingle which is great if you want a slightly fuller pout but you don't want that somewhat uncomfortable tingling sensation.


LANOLIPS TINTED LIP OINTMENT: The Lanolips lip ointment has been a staple in my beauty stash for a few years now, from the original to the tinted balms I've used and loved them all. As it's a tinted balm it's something to reach for when your lips are in need of some serious TLC and you still want a wash of colour. The Lanolin is a great all natural way to nourish the skin and provides an instant comfort to dry lips. For lazy days where I can't quite be bothered I always reach for these lip products as they hydrate and they deposit the prettiest wash of colour even the brighter shades give a lovely pastel hue. For a balm I can surprisingly get a few hours out of them and they're easy enough to apply as they're in a tube rather than a fussy pot. 

BEAUTY PIE LIP GLOSS*: This was the initial product that properly kicked off my love for more glossy products once again. It's very much the same as my beloved Fresh Sugar lip balms but in gloss form and it's something I can just slick on, know it will work with the majority of makeup looks as well as stay put throughout the day. They're highly pigmented and glide onto the lips seamlessly with a reasonable wear time... I don't think there is anything else you could want. The applicator is what I think makes this product a little better than the others as the shape of it means you can get a beautiful sharp precise finish without all the hassle of outlining your lips first.

MILANI AMORE MATTE LIP CREME*: This is the only non-lip gloss lip product in this roundup as I don't typically like a really matte lip option as I normally find them to be pretty unflattering but as this settles down to a velvet finish it's a little more forgiving. Of course with anything that's not that glossy you do need to thoroughly prep the lips before wear with a lip scrub or a dry toothbrush just to make sure there aren't any dead flakes of skin hanging around. You only need to apply one layer to get a smooth opaque finish and as it applies as a cream it means you can quickly fix any mistakes before it sets down to a finish that is tough to budge. It wears evenly throughout the day and finally ends up leaving a stain on the lips rather than a patchy lip colour which is ideal if you want something long lasting that's not a hassle to use.

What are your favourite liquid lip products?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty