The Non Lipstick Lovers Guide To Lipstick


Lipstick is an odd beauty product for me. I absolutely adore looking at them, finding a new shade to wear and trying out different formulations but I find them gathering dust in my beauty stash way too much. I'm such a big lover and advocate of minimal makeup which is probably why they laid neglected so much. However, there are a few specific formulations that are so comfortable to wear, easy to use and bypass all the problems that most lipsticks have. Worrying about whether I've got it on my face, teeth or it's worn away and looks ridiculous isn't something I can ever be bothered with. So if you have the same love-hate relationship with lipstick here are some of my favourite formulations and a few ways to achieve the perfect application whatever type of lip look you love. 


FRESH SUGAR LIP BALMS: Is there any way that I could write a post all about lip products without including my beloved Fresh Sugar Lip Balms? No, no way!  If you've not heard my usual spiel about these balms then they are a beautiful creamy product that gives you all the benefits of a balm but they have the colour payoff of a lipstick. The pigmentation is beautiful, even with the more neutral colours you can achieve an opaque swipe in one go. And even though they're a balm they're not really glossy and they leave more of a satin finish on the lips that wears evenly throughout the day. And upon reapplication, you don't need to worry about the product gathering together and creating an uneven finish. They are a little pricy for a tinted balm but I think they're so worth it as they behave just like a lipstick but without all the faff. 

BURT'S BEES LIP BALMS: Way before my love affair with the Fresh Sugar Lip Balms began I was a loyal user of the Burt's Bees lip balms as they are such a brilliant affordable alternative to lipstick. They're almost matte upon application as they don't leave a sheen on the lips at all but you still get the hit of hydration from the dreamy formulation. The tinted versions are beautiful, I particularly like the deeper shades as they give a lovely tint/stain and are a great alternative to wearing a deeper shade without all the upkeep. The original balm is one of the best I've found to be worn underneath matte formulations of lipsticks as it allows them to wear comfortably throughout the day whilst still maintaining that bold statement look. 

CLARINS LIP BALM CRAYONS*: I'm a little unsure whether these should be in the lip balm category or not. But for me, they're more of a tinted balm than anything else. They're in a twist up crayon form which makes them so easy to throw on and take out and about as you don't have to worry about carrying around a sharpener and you can still get a precise application. Much like the other two options they wear as more of a satin on the lips rather than something really sheer and glossy. I'm not sure these balms are still readily available but they can be found on Amazon as if my memory serves me right they were part of a limited collection. Which is a shame as I think they're such a wonderful product and I prefer them over the cult Clarins Lip Gloss Perfectors which do very little to the lips other than add a sheen. 


REVLON MATTE BALMS: It's rare that I rush out to buy a lip product when it's first released but there was something about the Revlon Matte Balms that suckered me in and got me seriously excited. It's probably down to the fact that they were one of the first twist-up lip crayons to be released on the high street. I've said this so many times before when I mention this product but they're more of a satin on the lips rather than a matte like the name suggests. And I much prefer something with a satin formulation as you still get the lasting power but none of the dryness. They wear incredibly well throughout the day and when the time comes for them to start fading they end up as more of a stain which I love. Of course, the chubby lip crayon packaging makes them a breeze to apply as you get all the precision of a liner but the thicker bullet of a lipstick. 

CLINIQUE POP LIPS*: These lipsticks are unlike anything else I own as they have a built in primer which I think is the perfect addition to any lipstick formula. As they have that awesome primer it instantly creates a fuller lip shape within one swipe and you don't have to take the time to get a really precise finish as they do all the hard work for you. Clinique is a brand that I would consider high end but they sit on the lower end of the price spectrum when it comes to more expensive lip products. Which makes them perfect if you're just getting into beauty and want to explore the world of lipstick. The formula is easy to use, comfortable to wear throughout the day, can be reapplied easily and there is a large shade range so there is really nothing bad I can about the Pop Lip range, it's truly wonderful. 


CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIP CHEAT LIP PENCIL*: For years, I chose to wear lip pencils over lipsticks or tinted balms as I found them so easy to wear and they last so well on the lips. The lip cheat lip pencils from Charlotte Tilbury are well known for their ability to create a fuller lip shape without being too overbearing and they really do it so well. I'm not a big fan of the really overdrawn lip look as on me, it quite frankly looks ridiculous but this does it just right. The formulation is the right mix of creamy and matte so it still has the ability to stay around throughout the day and withstand things like eating and drinking. But it's comfortable to wear as well as easy to apply and it doesn't drag at the skin at all which can often be the case when it comes to pencils. 

FRANK COFFEE LIP SCRUB* or LUSH LIP SCRUB: Lip scrubs aren't something that you need to buy as they're so easy to DIY and by doing it yourself you can add in your own concoction of oils and scents. In the winter I always try to make sure that I'm using a lip scrub regularly as my lips can get quite dry in the brisk winds. With a good scrub, you don't need to be really vigorous and tear away at the delicate skin on your lips as you'll be left with a smooth finish and say goodbye to any flakes of skin that might be lingering around. Even if I'm going to be wearing a tinted balm then I will still give them a quick exfoliation just to make sure that my lips are as smooth as possible as no lip colour looks great with dead flakes of skin being accentuated.  

A SMALL FLAT SQUARE BRUSH: When applying a more statement lip colour I always like to have a brush to hand to get a precise finish around the edges. I'm far too lazy to use concealer to get that really sharp edge but a lip brush, especially a small flat square one is really handy. I always apply the main bulk of colour from the bullet of the lipstick and then use a brush to even it out and go from there. It's a much more long winded way of applying any lip product obviously but if you want something really precise and you're a little cack handed at applying lip product then it's a great way to get that Instagram-worthy perfected pout. 

What are your favourite lipsticks?

R x

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