What Order Do You Apply Your Beauty Products In?

I write about beauty all the time but something I don't do very often at all is talk about the order I apply my products in and I naively think that everyone just applies them in the same fashion I do and obviously that's not true. So as well as sharing my own beauty routine and the order I apply my products I'd love to know what order you apply your products in. 


PRIMER: Obviously the clue is in the name of this product but I always apply a primer after I've done my skincare routine, typically I like to let my skincare settle in a little bit before applying anything over the top so that my skin isn't tacky to the touch. 

CORRECTOR: I don't use correctors all that much anymore just because my skin doesn't need them anymore but when it does I always go in with this step after priming. Correctors can be awesome at helping create an even skin tone and if you struggle with blemishes they can be particularly good and mean you don't have to spend so much time concealing. 

CONCEALER: Somewhat of a controversial option is applying concealer before you apply foundation. For years, I did it the opposite way round and found that my concealer always looked caked on and creased horrendously. So applying a thin layer to the areas that need it before going in whatever base I'm using has always worked well for me and I find it to make things last longer too. 

FOUNDATION: I tend to work in thin layers with my foundation so that it stays on my face longer as I hate applying too much of a base product and having to smear it around your face so a little at a time is always the way I go. I always use a brush to apply my foundation too, I've never quite got into using a beauty blender and using my fingers isn't something I enjoy at all. 

POWDER: There is something about the process of applying powder after finishing my base that feels very cathartic to me and I never quite feel done until I apply powder. I use a large brush and smooth it over my skin and do so in an almost patting motion as that way it really adheres it to my skin. I never got into the whole baking your powder trend either, it just seems like way too much faff and the technique I have already prolongs my base wear time enough. 

BLUSHER: Before I make a start on my eyes or lips I always apply my blusher. I like having all my base done first as then I can get more of an idea what I want to do with the rest of my makeup. Even when using a powder blush I like to do a gentle patting and blending motion as I find it gives the most natural flush rather than continually sweeping the product on. 

EYEBROWS: As I don't do anything all that exciting to my brows I could do them at any stage but I like to do them before I do my eyeshadow. I always brush them up and through first to get rid of any excess foundation in them and run whatever product I'm using through them lightly so I don't create a harsh overdrawn shape.

EYESHADOW PRIMER: Before I discovered the amazing Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer I never thought an eyeshadow primer was a necessary step but it makes all the difference in the world to my shadows and how they wear. Whenever I wear a shadow I always make sure to apply this first to help it really adhere to the skin. 

LID COLOUR: My eyeshadow tastes are pretty simple and everything I do is very minimal and just a one wash of colour wonder all over the lid with a fluffy blending brush is all I tend to go for on a daily basis. 

MASCARA: Before I apply mascara I always curl my lashes as it makes a huge difference to the staying power of my curl and then go in with lashings of whatever mascara I'm using. I don't have a specific way of applying my mascara and tend to just wriggle from the root of the lash to get the desired effect. 

LIP PRODUCTS: Always my last and final step is applying whatever lip product that I'm going for. I always apply a lip balm when doing my skincare routine after I've brushed my teeth so my lips are smooth and prepped for any product. 

What order you apply your beauty products?

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