What's New In My Beauty Rotation?


You guys probably know all too well that I'm a sucker for a routine and tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to the beauty products that I'm using. But once I know that something really works for me I tend to stick with it but then there is a large part of me that obviously loves trying out beauty products after all that's one of the reasons that I started this blog. So here are all the new products that are in my rotation and a few that I've added back in.  



OSKIA RENAISSANCE BRIGHLIGHT SERUM*: From what I can remember I believe that this was released last year and at the time I used it I wasn't 100% sold on it. And it's a very expensive product, it's £85 which is way more than I would ever pay for a serum no matter how good it is it's just not in my budget. This is a daily corrective serum that aims to correct dark spots, hyper pigmentation, fade dark spots and correct any sun damage that you have in your skin. It contains a blend of nutrients and active ingredients including my beloved pumpkin enzymes which are such a beautiful natural brightening agent and something that my skin loves. This isn't the most hydrating serum out there by any means so if that's something you need in your serum then this probably won't be for you but if you're looking something solely dedicated to brightening and correcting as well as obviously having the budget to spend then this might be worth looking at. It does do really good things to the skin and even within a few days of using it again, I've noticed things are looking a lot brighter and I'm excited to use this until the end and see how it works on my scars.

DR PERRICONE MD PHOTO PLASMA MOISTURISER*: This has been in my collection for well over a year and when I used it for a little while when it first came to me I remember liking it. But after using it for the past few days I'm not quite sure how I feel about it now. It's an oil-free cream moisturiser that aims to create a barrier between your skin and the stress of environmental factors as well as create a smooth base and of course hydrate the complexion. I love the mousse texture as it feels awesome when applied on the skin but it's not quite got that thick comforting feeling that I love to get from my other moisturising picks. I'll use it until the end as I don't want to waste it but I'm not quite sold on it yet and it's got quite a cult status. 


THE BODY SHOP HIMALAYAN CHARCOAL MASK*: I'm slowly and surely making my way through all the charcoal masks I have in my collection and this is next on my to use list. It's a brilliant mask, there is no denying it but you do have to be aware of it being a little tough to remove. A lot of people have compared it to the popular GlamGlow mask and I can understand why. It gets all the crap out of your pores that might be lurking deep within and gives the skin a thorough cleanse as well as a slight exfoliation upon removal. Whenever I've really been treating my skin like garbage this is what I always reach for as it really does get everything out and stop anything else it's in tracks. For a slightly more affordable mask, it's truly brilliant and well worth checking out if you don't have sensitive skin. 


MONU SKIN ACTIVE TONER*: I use an exfoliating toner every day but as sometimes I just don't fancy it in the AM so I've been reaching for this toner from Monu Skin and as it contains witch hazel I still feel like it's going to bat away any possible blemishes whilst still feeling incredibly gentle on the skin. It's ideal in the AM when my skin might be feeling a little meh as it still does have a brightening effect but it's not as abrasive as an acid can be.

EVOLUDERM BODY LOTION*: This week has been really cold in the UK, with the constant wind and rain beating down against me on a nearly daily basis my legs are not exactly feeling their best. Enter this cream from Evoluderm which contains glycerin and shea butter, two ingredients I'm all too familiar with when it comes to body and skincare. It's an incredibly lightweight lotion and it soaks into the skin instantly which makes it perfect to slather yourself in on those cool Autumn mornings if you can withstand dithering in a cold bathroom as it's such an instant comfort to the skin. It's formulated to ease the feeling of friction from your clothes which I think we all know the feeling of when the colder months hit.


SUPERDRUG SIMPLY PURE LEAVE ON WATER MASK*: This is an incredibly simple mask but it's so effective in hydrating the skin. It's a gel consistency which is nice and soothing too if you are struggling with any breakouts and fear that something super rich might aggravate them. It doesn't do anything else but simply boost moisture in the skin but I love that, sometimes I don't want a super fancy mask and just simply want the boost in hydration and that delivers that with ease. And at a mere £4, it's such a good option for those of us on a budget. 


BAREMINERALS BAREPRO FOUNDATION*: I really didn't like this base upon first use but the moment I tried it with my fail-safe foundation brush I fell in love. You do have to wait a minute or so for it settle down on the skin to appreciate it so just bear that in mind if you do try it. It's marketed as a full coverage soft matte finish which isn't something I'm all that familiar with using but it works wonderfully in combination with a freshly prepped complexion which I believe is key when using a more matte finish. The finish is not only lovely, full coverage without being super fake or heavy but the wear time is superb. I don't have any issues with this budging or creasing so if you're after a base that not only conceals all but stays put throughout the day then this is well worth checking out. And to top it off it has an incredible shade range which is so so important when it comes to what brands we buy from.

KATY PERRY'S INDI FRAGRANCE*: Typically I'm not a fan of celebrity fragrances at all, they're normally so sickly sweet I cannot stand them. But this is so different, infact it smells pretty much identical to my beloved Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily fragrance but a little bit more coconutty. It's the perfect A/W scent and as usual with cheaper scents, they test to last really well on the skin. The packaging and the name are so incredibly off-putting for this scent which is a shame as it's beautiful and something I know so many people would love. If the JM is something you've had your eye on then I'd really recommend checking this out as it's a much cheaper alternative.



I thought I'd add a new segment into this post and this is all the things that I'm going to be trying and I'm super excited about the following...

REN PERFECT CANVAS*: This has been all over the beauty press and blogs and from what it promises I'm not surprised. A light weight silicone-free serum to be applied after moisturiser to create you guessed it the perfect base. The probiotics smooth the skin as well as helping with skins surface leaving you with a perfected moisturised matte finish to apply makeup over. It sounds like the absolute dream product to use underneath makeup so we will see how it works with some of my beloved base products as well as going barefaced on makeup free days. 


CLARINS EVERLASTING CUSHION FOUNDATION* & CLARINS EVERLASTING POWDER FOUNDATION*: I seem to have lost the press release for both of these foundations which isn't very helpful in this incidence so let's keep it quick. The cushion is formulated to be a high coverage base in a cushion format. Long wearing and luminous as well as having anti-pollution technology and protects against UVA/UVB rays which is something you need even in the colder months. I'm excited to see how this will fair against other cushion products I've used as I do love to take them on the go as they're so fuss-free to use and this sounds like it has it all. The powder compact aims to minimise the look imperfections and uneven skin tone without ever looking cakey. A luminous matte finish that doesn't require any touch-ups throughout the day. I'll probably use these two products in combination with each other, to be honest as I do always like to use a tiny bit of powder just around my nose and chin which is where makeup tends to fade away first. Out of the two, I think I'm going to really love the powder foundation as even though the cushion sounds awesome I don't tend to be drawn to them over my liquid bases.


What new beauty products are you trying right now?

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