When You're Feeling Awful & Need A Pick Me Up

Unfortunately, I finished 2015 and began the New Year with a terrible bout of flu. Safe to say, I felt pretty horrendous and needed all the beauty pick me ups that I could get my hands on when I was feeling well enough to apply them. Now we're into winter it's a known time for people to become unwell and feel under the weather but these 6 beauty products are the perfect pick me ups. 

ELIZABETH ARDEN 8 HOUR CREAM: When you're forever blowing your nose and desperately trying to stay hydrated it's all too easy for dry patches to rear their ugly head. 8-hour cream is my do it all balm, whatever ailment you might be suffering with it seems to tackle them with ease. A light layer overnight sorted out my red sore nose and cracked lips, you wouldn't have known that I'd spent the day with a tissue practically attached to me. If you're not a fan of the scent, don't worry there is a non-fragranced version available.

DR JART WATER FUSE SLEEPING MASK*: One of the biggest joys of not wearing makeup is that you can slather on your favourite hydrating products without the worry of having to apply makeup over the top. My regular moisturiser just wasn't cutting it for my poor dehydrated complexion. The Dr Jart Water Fuse Sleeping Mask is an overnight treatment, but it isn't heavy on the skin at all which makes it perfect for a daytime treat. It's completely transparent and undetectable on the skin so if you do need to venture out then you don't need to worry about wiping it away. 

SOAP AND GLORY THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER*: After a long hot bath filled with your favourite potions [which is something that can ease any pain in my opinion]. Slathering yourself in a rich buttery lotion is always the cherry on top and it makes sore and tired skin always feel so much happier. Soap & Glory are my go to when I need a body treat that doesn't make my purse weep. The Righteous Butter is a beautiful product, it eases any dryness but doesn't turn you into a sticky mess. As of course you want to get back into your loungewear as soon as possible instead of stood dithering in a towel. 

THE BODY SHOP SLEEPING BOUNCY MASK*: If the Dr Jart mask is a little too lightweight for you then this is the perfect overnight mask option. The consistency is slightly strange, it's actually bouncy [like the name suggests] and feels almost jelly like to the touch. You only need a small amount lightly massaged into the skin to notice a difference in the condition of your complexion. Whenever I use this I always notice a huge difference in elasticity and plumpness when I wake up. Even though it's deeply hydrating it doesn't make oil prone skin produce more sebum or breakout which can be hard to find in such a nourishing skincare product. 

LIZ EARLE EYE LOTION*: Whenever I feel terrible this a product that I always bring out as it's incredibly soothing and calming to the eyes. It can also be used as an eye makeup remover, even though it's not marketed toward that use. On tired puffy eyes if you simply douse two cotton rounds and place over the eyes you will immediately feel the cooling effect. Also, if you keep it in the fridge it's even more soothing. 

ANTIPODES HOSANNA H2O INTENSE SERUM*: If deep nourishing masks aren't your thing then, a serum never goes a miss in my routine. This is a hydrating serum with a little bit of a twist as it helps skin to stimulate collagen to help the complexion look plump and healthy. It sinks in immediately and it doesn't pill up with the addition of a moisturiser over the top which is a common problem with many hydrating serums. Personally, the only bug bear I have with this product is the scent, it smells a little bit like baby vomit. 

What are your favourite products to use when you feel unwell?

R x

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