Why I Don't Wear Makeup Every Day & The Real Day To Day Essentials


Over the years my relationship with beauty has changed so much. I've gone from wearing makeup every single day without fail, whether I felt like it or not to barely wearing it and it no longer feels like something I need to have to feel complete or like myself. So here is how and why my relationship with beauty has done a 180 and a rundown of the products I do use every single day without fail.



For so long I thought I had to wear makeup and that was it, no questions asked it was obviously just part of being a girl. It wasn't even something that I thought twice about, every single day whether or not I left the house or not I would sit and do my makeup and hair. And if for whatever reason I didn't I would feel so embarrassed, I felt the constant need to apologise. As if by not wearing makeup I was doing something wrong or offensive. Which of course, is complete rubbish and my relationship with beauty is so different now. I wear makeup because I want to, it's something that gives me so much joy but most importantly it's a choice that I make. It's a practice that I savor and seriously enjoy which is exactly what it should be. If I don't wear anything then it's ok and I no longer feel that sense of embarrassment. I think a lot of us feel like we have to wear makeup and if we're not there has to be a serious reason why, which should never be the case. So often we hear cruel and unkind comments about women if they're not wearing makeup which then leads to an unspoken pressure for us all to follow suit.


It took me a really long time to feel confident enough to skip makeup if I felt like it. For years, I struggled with my skin and it knocked my confidence down to the lowest that it's ever been which led to me relying on makeup even more. It took me a while to feel confident to go makeup free and I've built up my confidence levels slowly but it's so incredibly freeing to go out and not to have to worry about wearing a full face of makeup. I adore beauty, that's obvious but being out all day and being able to touch my face and rub my eyes if I want to is a great feeling. Before, I never used to feel like I was complete if I wasn't wearing makeup and it's such a relief to longer need a set amount of product on my face to feel ready. And also it's forced me to feel confident in my barefaced appearance which is never something that I thought would happen. 



  • Because I want to.
  • Because it's one of my forms of self-care.
  • Because taking the time to-do my makeup in the morning is something I look forward to. 
  • Because it boosts my confidence but it isn't my only source of confidence. 
  • Because it's fun.
  • Because it makes me feel like I'm ready to take on the world.


I may not wear makeup every day but I still do use beauty products and here are the things that I reach for every day without fail;


Especially now the weather is a little cooler a lip balm is a true essential for me and I've always got one with me whether it be tinted or not. For so long I used balm products that only gave relief for a short time and didn't do much in the long run. But now I will only use balms that actually repair the lips, create a thick barrier of protection against the elements and provide comfort to any cracked areas. 


Whilst before I used to rely solely on makeup and never really cared all that much for my skin underneath now I rely on my skincare routine to create a solid foundation for anything else. Whether I'm doing anything or not I will complete my routine twice a day and by doing this I think it has given a little more confidence in my complexion. I really look after my skin and even though it's not perfect by putting in that time and effort has improved the quality and condition of my complexion tenfold. If I'm just having a day working at home and not moving from my desk it's so tempting not to bother washing my face but even just skipping it once makes a big difference.


Spritzing on my fragrance of choice before I leave the house is my final step of getting ready for the day and always the thing that really makes me feel done. It's something that is so simple but it always makes me feel awesome and there is nothing better to me than being able to smell my scent throughout the day and then being able to smell it on my clothes days later. 


What are on your thoughts on not wearing makeup?

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