Why I've Stopped Saving My Favourite Products For Best


Something that has been ingrained into me from a young age is saving things for best and it's a mindset that I've carried through my entire life. But as I've been changing my attitude surrounding material items this means that I've also changed that and stopped hoarding away my most loved items until this illusive special day comes. And I know this is something that so many of us do and maybe it's time to break that habit?



I can't remember exactly when I realised that saving my most loved items for best was absolutely pointless but I'm so glad I did. It's something that I've done for years and if you live a life where you have really regular special occasions then I guess it makes sense. But for me and my lifestyle, I really don't have that many special dates in my calendar. And there are no rules to what you can and can't wear in day to day life and that's amazing. If you want to do the food shop wearing full glam then you absolutely can. Because if that makes you feel good then that's truly all that matters and I want to feel my best each day which means getting out of that mindset that we need a special occasion to apply sparkly eyeshadow and red lipstick. Beauty products aren't just there to sit looking pretty on my dressing table or photographed for Instagram. They are there to be worn and well loved and it's so easy to forget that. After all, every item has a use by date so if we wait too long then we won't even be able to use them and that's a huge waste of hard earned money.


the best of the best 

There are a few products in my stash that as soon as I apply them I feel incredible, it doesn't matter what type of day I'm having. And that is one of the most magical things about beauty for me.


Picking one single scent is hard as I'm a little bit of a fragrance fanatic, I don't think we need to go into how many I have in my stash. But the Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily is absolutely stunning. Whenever I apply this and that rich scent hits my skin I instantly feel incredible, it's so deep and musky but it's not too heavy so it can be worn day or night. Although I adore it as a fragrance for myself it would work beautifully in the home too.

                                             BURBERRY PALE BARLEY*

There are so many eyeshadows that I love but there is something about Burberry Pale Barley that I absolutely adore. Surprisingly, it's not my usual champagne option which is something that we all know I love. Of course, Pale Barley isn't too far from those golden hues but it's more a taupe that sits perfectly in the middle between warm and cool so can suit many skin tones. You can either amp it up to really make a statement or wear it quite casually and naturally, the Burberry formulation is second to none.

                                         GUERLAIN METEORITE PEARLS*

I can't deny that part of the reason why these beauty pearls make me feel so special is that they remind me of a product that you'd find on the dresser of a movie star in the twenties. And they don't just look pretty they're effective too. They add a beautiful glow to the skin as well as correcting any tones in the complexion and obviously, they set everything into place without looking too heavy or powdery. 


                                       FRESH SUGAR LIP BALM IN PETAL

I'm seriously considering giving away all of the other lip products I own as I so rarely reach for them. But something that does always makes me feel polished and done for the day is the Fresh Sugar Lip Balms, particularly in the shade Petal. It's the perfect shade against my complexion and something that makes me feel incredible as well as giving my lips a treat too. If you like the idea of lipstick but don't want the upkeep then these might be the balms for you. 

                                                 REN PERFECT CANVAS* 

This is a pricey product and usually, the more expensive an item is the more it makes me want to hoard it away. And primers are products that I absolutely adore and will use daily but one I save for best is this item from Ren. Which is a priming skincare hybrid item that you guessed it, leaves the skin looking and feeling like a perfect canvas. This not only makes my skin look beautiful but it completely changes the way it feels too so when you're struggling with uneven texture and blemishes it's ideal. 

                                STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOUR IN PEONY* 

When looking through all my blushers [they are hands down one of my favourite items to buy] one that I absolutely love to apply to achieve a special gloss and glow to the cheek are these creamy cheek products from Stila. They work no matter the season, in winter they add a healthy sheen and in summer they look natural and radiant without sliding off the skin. And the shade Peony is so effortless and natural, a great one for paler skins if they want a tiny bit of a contour too. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes is another one I like to save for the best as it's just so dreamy.                  

do you like to save things for best? 

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