10 Products I'm Using Up Right Now


Typically empties post aren't usually my thing, for one simple reason, I forget what I've used up and everything makes its way to the recycling bin before I've even had a chance to write about it. So think of today's post as my own version of an empties. Say hello to all the products that I've nearly finished up and my thoughts on them. 


pixi brow tamer* 

A brow gel is integral to my makeup look as my brows love nothing more than to slope down and look sad. This gel from one of my most loved brands Pixi is ok, it does the job but it doesn't make them stay put all day and it does require brushing through a few hours later which is ok for lazy days but not suitable for anything more than that. If you don't have ridiculously stubborn brows then this could work as it doesn't leave them crispy or dry which is always a bonus. As always with clear brow gels, the biggest downside is that they go a disgusting murky colour very quickly.


SJP Lovely SHEER* 

Celebrity fragrances really are not my thing, typically they all smell very similar and it's not a bad smell but I like things that are a little more unique. But this very lovely scent from SJP is something that I love to spritz on as I'm running out the door and just need a scent top up. It's nothing I find spectacular alone as I like my fragrance options to be a little more punchy. However, this would make a brilliant scent for people who love to smell fresh but don't want anything too heavy as like the name suggests it is sheer. The notes are; bergamot, orange blossom, mandarin, gardenia, pink pepper, musk, vetiver, and amber.


nip + fab green Colour Corrector* 

This was the first green corrector that I used and really noticed a difference from. They can be a little intimidating and if you do go overboard then it's all too easy to start resembling Shrek. Rather than kicking the redness out of your skin which is the entire point of these correcting products. This helps to distinguish any redness but due it's hydrating liquid formulation it doesn't dry around the area making it worse. I find these particularly good around angry blemishes and for the price of this item, it's well worth purchasing if redness is something you really struggle with. 


nars douceur 

Hands down one of my most loved blushes in the beauty world. But as it's sadly discontinued it's not something I will ever be able to purchase again [please bring it back one day Nars?]. Thankfully Tarte Exposed is essentially the same product so I will hopefully never be without a beautiful blush in this vein. Even though I've used this blush hundreds of times it's only just getting down to the pan. This is one of my favourites in the warmer months as it adds a hint of colour and sculpts the cheek too. The Nars formulation truly is fantastic and well worth the extra money as I know I can always depend on this sticking around and wearing evenly. 


lancôme hydra glow primer*

Although we're in the warmer months you probably wouldn't expect me to want to reach for an illuminating and hydrating primer but this one is fantastic. It adds just the right amount of moisture to the skin and keeps things almost balanced for me as my skin stays happily hydrated all day when using this but never looks greasy. As well as hydrating the skin it also adds a glow too as it's a pearlescent pink in tone which instantly brightens up a sad and sallow complexion. The only downside to this primer is that I don't find you get anywhere near as much product as you should for the price, a measly 25ml isn't enough.


benefit roller lash* 

Despite their cult following Benefit mascaras aren't typically my thing but one that I do like is Roller Lash. Its thin curved plastic brush works wonders for grabbing every lash and giving them a good amount of curve and separation. I don't find this amazing for achieving lots of volume so tend to layer up with another mascara when using this. It's nice but I'm not sure I'd ever buy the full size of it as I do like a little more lift and volume for my lashes.


tula exfoliating treatment mask* 

I've never used a mask like this one from Tula, it's very unique in its formulation. It's an exfoliating mask but not your typical chemical option which is perfect for those who don't get along with AHA or BHA's. When my skin is looking really lacklustre and drab this is what I like to reach for and even though it really gives the complexion a good refresh it doesn't dry it out at all. It only needs to be on for 5 minutes or so to get to work and you could easily use this in the morning if you had time for a quick refresh. 


bareminerals lash domination*

I can't quite tell whether I'm at the end of this product or not because it seems to very dry but there is still so much left. Which is probably the biggest problem with this, it's a fantastic mascara and really does everything that I want for my lashes in terms of curl, lift and volume but it just seems to have dried out so quickly.  Even quicker than a YSL mascara and that is saying something. The brush is a little fiddly too with its barrel shape and it's all too easy to get the product on your eyelid.


nuxe aquabella essence lotion*

I'm absolutely in love with this toner from the wonderful French pharmacy brand Nuxe. It's something that I use every morning and it does the most beautiful things to my skin. After I've used this my complexion looks like I've used a perfecting primer as all of a sudden my pores look better and the tone of my skin looks absolutely perfect. Not only does the skin look perfected but it feels hydrated too. Typically toners that aren't of the exfoliating kind don't do too much but this one does.


mac champagne shadows

I've probably written about my MAC shadows hundreds of times at this point but it's because they're just so fantastic. I usually flip between my eyeshadow choice quite often but I'm on a mission to finish these two shades up. They're the shades Shroom and Naked Lunch from MAC and they are both such wonderful champagne options. Perfect for sweeping all over the lid for everyday use and the formulation is always top notch. I'll be sad to see these two go and will probably come back to them at some point but I've got plenty more shimmery options to work my way through at the moment. 

what products are you working your way through at the moment?