Why I'm Working Seasonally This Year


We've all probably heard of the term eating seasonally but what about working seasonally? Not something I'd ever heard all that much about until a few years ago and it's still not something that I've found is discussed enough but it's something that makes so much sense. We're still in the midst of a blazing heatwave in the UK or at this point do I just consider this summer? And it's had a serious knock-on effect with my motivation and I've completely changed my work day around the weather. Which of course, is something you generally only can do when you have complete control of your schedule. So today I want to talk to you about why working seasonally can be a really good thing and how to still tick off your to-do list when your brain feels frazzled from the sunshine.



Ever since we were placed into the education system we've all worked towards taking time off when the sun comes out. And for some of us, that pattern can last 21 years so once we're out of the education system and we're into the working world it's a big shock to the system to work through all the warm weather. A lot of people tend to take breaks in the summer to go on holiday but so many don't and it can have a big toll on your productivity. And I absolutely love the summer, it's the time of year that I feel best as there is so much light but when it's really hot I feel frazzled. My brain tells me to go and lay out in the sunshine as that is what I did for most of my life when it was sunny but then another part of my brain tells me I need to get my work done. So trying to find a way to work that works in harmony with the season has been tough as it's easy to forget that there are ebbs and flows in the year. There are always different things to tackle in our workload and that's the same whether or not you work in an office or you work from home.


For the first time in months, I'd got myself in a really good routine with work. I even wrote an entire post about it but when this heatwave arrived it all kind of went out of the window. The dogs had to start to be walked much earlier as it's dangerous to walk them any later, work began even earlier as I wake up earlier when it's too balmy in our bedroom to sleep, afternoon slumps had to become as productive as possible whilst keeping the dogs inside and then in the evenings are a free for all for anything. It's always good to have some sort of wiggle room in your schedule, there is no arguing that fact as some things overrun but having to work your entire day around the sunshine seems almost laughable but it makes sense. In the winter I work around the sunlight as I have to change when I would typically take photographs, walk the dogs and then work well into the evening. As when it's cold and miserable outside there is nothing else better to do. All this being said there are some things that I absolutely love about this season though and they are;

  • Being able to photograph later on in the day or at any point. 
  • Feeling productive for more of the day as the sun rises so early and sets so late.
  • Evening dog walks which are wonderful for the soul.
  • The majority of people seem to be a little chirpier and nicer to be around. 
  • Getting enough Vitamin D. 


Something that I've spoken about time and time again is the fact that I always feel incredibly guilty for taking time off. I've been fortunate enough to work for myself for a few years and have complete control of my schedule. So why do I crave breaks when I've been so lucky to have a job like this? Having your dream job doesn't mean you can't feel burnt out or tired, it also doesn't mean that you can't feel stressed or upset. Everybody needs time from whatever their profession is and it's ok to want it, it doesn't mean you're lazy or entitled, it means you're a human being. It's something that I say far too often but there are so many other things to life than work and it's important to take time to do them. One of the most difficult things I find about taking time off, especially when you're your own boss is making sure you don't feel guilty for it. There is no denying that the person who probably cares the most that you're taking time off is you. It's all too easy to sit and worry about it but I can safely say that even just a few days can work wonders. Everything needs to switch off for a little while, including us and there is always more than likely a positive result from it.


I used to think that all year would be the same for work but it really isn't, some seasons are busier than others and that is totally normal. Especially when it comes to working for yourself as when things go quiet we tend to think the worst, which is understandable when your job relies on you. Everyone has different seasons where they tend to work the best and I know for me, it's not the warmer months and that's totally fine. Spring and Autumn are seasons where I find myself the most productive and getting the most done. Of course, I'm not sitting around doing nothing because it's warm, I'm just finding a different way of working.

DON'T PANIC about a slow season

When you work for yourself, there are quite a lot of anxieties that go hand in hand with it. These anxieties are often skimmed over as we all like to talk about how dreamy it is to be able to choose what time you start work. Which is it, don't get me wrong but there is an awful lot of worry and stress involved about being your own boss. Summer is generally a quiet time I find and it always has been and it's hard not to worry. After all, this is your job so why wouldn't you worry slightly? There are no real pearls of wisdom I can say other than try not to panic and something I do find is really important is to try and connect with other people who are in a similar position to you and share the load. Too many times we shut ourselves down when we're feeling blue and feel like we're the only ones who feel this way when it's never, ever the case.