12 Rapid Beauty Reviews

Quick fire beauty reviews are something that I've been wanting to do for a little while yet never quite got around to putting some together. Until now, as much as I love lengthy detailed beauty musings sometimes you just don't have time to digest it all and want to get that information in quickly. So here is my first edition of rapid beauty reviews. 

COLAB DRY SHAMPOO*: A dry shampoo that has a whole lot of hype in the beauty world due to it's creator being Ruth Crilly [A Model Recommends]. Her aim was to create an invisible dry shampoo and she's done just that. This is pretty much undetectable in the hair and it actually makes it feel clean instead of just feeling full of product. A much superior option to the classic Batiste in my opinion. Oh, and it smells absolutely incredible. 

MARIA NILA HAIR FINISHING PRODUCTS*: I'm a big fan of the Maria Nila volumising shampoo and conditioner and their styling products are also great. The finishing spray holds the hair without being sticky or tacky and the heat protectant helps keep the hair feeling soft and feels a lot nicer upon application. They're a more expensive option but if you've got the money then they're a great brand to shop from as they bypass a lot of chemicals and are vegan. 

FRANK LIP SCRUB*: The classic Frank coffee scrub wowed me a few months ago and I thought it would be the same story for the lip scrub but it's far too gentle. It only gives a tiny amount of exfoliation and doesn't help to slough away dead skin that seems to gather easily on the lips. A disappointing product from the brand and as a lip scrub is something you can easily DIY yourself there is little need to buy one anyway. 

ANTIPODES GRACE CLEANSER*: This is a lovely creamy cleanser, it removes makeup and makes the skin feel cleansed whilst still feeling hydrated and it doesn't sting the eyes at all. It doesn't quite top Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for me but its packaging does make it far better as you can really use all of the product. 

BARE MINERALS MATTE & GLOW PALETTE*: If you are someone who travels around a lot this new palette from Bare Minerals is ideal. It contains two face finishing products, one that is completely matte and one that is more glow-inducing. The matte one is good, kind of standard but the radiant option is beautiful. It adds a soft-focus finish to the skin and isn't glittery in the slightest. 

PIXI BEAUTY BRONZER*: Not my typical cheek option as it's pretty shimmery and it more peachy than I'm used to. It's more of a bronzing option than it is a blusher if you swirl the two products together. But if you used them separately then you could get a blush and a highlight out of this compact. It's got a lovely buttery formulation and is a breeze to apply and could even be used as an eyeshadow too. 

MOLECULE O2*: The cult Molecule 01 perfume has been on my radar for a really long time but I've never tried it. They've just released this follow-up fragrance which is named 02. It's a super summery scent which is incredibly fresh but does have an element of musk to it. It lasts really well on the skin too which is a must for a perfume that is more suited to the warmer months. 

BAGSY LIP VELVET*: I've tried a few things from the Bagsy beauty line and I like the brand in general but this lip product isn't for me. I find the formulation smears a little on the lips and the shade is a little pale for me too. The packaging is also a little problematic as the applicator doesn't pick up a lot of product at all so it takes a while to build up an opaque finish on the lips. 

S&G BROW PUTTY*: When I saw the word 'putty' I instantly thought of a sticky pomade that would look terrible throughout my brows but the formulation of this product is a more of a powder. The way that this product is packaged is what really makes it stand out. As it's got a brush on one end and then the putty is in a small pot on the other end and you just simply dip the brush in. It's one the best new brow products that I've tried in a while and if you travel a lot then it's something I'd highly recommend. 

TRUE BRIT NAIL POLISH*: The colour range of the True Brit polishes are beautiful and their formula is great in some ways as they're opaque in a couple of coats. But their lasting power is really poor and even on the toenails, I find they just peel off which is really disappointing for a more expensive nail polish. 

PIXI MAKEUP SETTING MIST*: This is a makeup mist that can be used either before makeup to prep the skin or afterwards to helps things stay around all day. Whilst I'm dubious to believe that a spray can help your makeup stay on. I love using this before makeup application as it helps my skin keep looking fresh and radiant throughout the day. It's nothing spectacular but it's really pleasant to use and does feel cooling on the complexion. 

What beauty products have you been trying lately?

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