How To Organise Your Wardrobe

Whatever kind of storage system you have for your clothes it's all too easy for it to become messy and unorganised. Every month I like to have a big clear out of my wardrobe and get things into a functional order so that everything is worn and it's easy to keep it in an order. So I don't end up with a floordrobe inside my wardrobe. 


I feel like inside your wardrobe is one of those areas that easily gathers dust and dirt and is generally forgotten about. Getting everything out of your wardrobe and giving the inside a good clean only take a few minutes but it makes all the difference in the world. And realistically who wants to keep their clean clothes in a dirty environment? As I keep my shoes in the bottom of my wardrobe I find it even more important to keep on top of it and make sure it's regularly cleaned out. Normally when you empty out your wardrobe in its entirety to you often find some forgotten gems that had been hiding away in there. 


If decluttering as well as tidying is on the agenda then it's important to be ruthless. I'm a  sucker for holding onto sentimental clothing pieces that I have no real use for anymore but because something important happened whilst wearing it then I can never quite let them go. I try to keep to the general rule of if I've not worn it in 6 months or even really thought about it then it has to go. Depending on what condition the item is in I will either sell it on or donate it. As hard as it can be to let go of a particular clothing item sometimes you just have to let go of them. 


Once your wardrobe or whatever it is that you store your clothing in is clean then you can start putting things back in. Weirdly one of the most important things I like to bear in mind when keeping my wardrobe organised is what hangers I use. A few years ago I switched over to thin felt none slip hangers from Primark and they've been a complete game changer. They take up barely any room and they help keep everything hanging on [even those slippy blouses that like to fall off everything]. I also think to have some sort of order to my clothes for example; jumpers, dresses, shirts, t-shirts and smart tops. Then all really basic items and gym wear are rolled up and stored in a hanging rack. 


Like I mentioned I like to roll basic items and gym wear into a hanging rack and when you've not got a huge amount of space or no drawers these storage systems work so well. Hanging these simple pieces up is just a waste of valuable space in my opinion as often lycra isn't a fabric that needs ironing really so rolling is a great option. To store pesky items like underwear and socks I like to use baskets, you can find these at IKEA or Wilkinsons and they're a great solution. They keep everything separate so you don't have to go hunting around for that particular pair of socks or knickers. 


Getting your wardrobe into a functional and easy to browse system takes time so just dedicating a few hours to it is key. Of course, it's not one of the most exciting tasks in the world but that doesn't mean it doesn't need doing every so often. When you do dedicate the time to it I also think if you can try things on that you've not worn in a while then do it. By doing this you can make sure items still fit and make sure you still like them and it's a great way to make decluttering a lot easier on yourself. 

Do you have any wardrobe organisation tips?

R x

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Rebecca Warriner