14 Awesome Evening Habits To Get Into

I'm a morning person through and through and it's without a doubt my favourite time of day so I've found that I struggle with the evenings. I either seem to waste them away in front of Netflix or work late into the night. This year I've tried to implement a few habits that can make my evenings as awesome as my mornings. 

  1. Writing tomorrow's to-do list.
  2. Logging out of emails. 
  3. Reading 30 minutes before going to sleep.
  4. Implementing the no screen rule. 
  5. Lighting candles.
  6. Washing my hair to save time the next day.
  7. Having a cut off point with work. 
  8. Not letting a crappy day turn into a crappy night. 
  9. Allowing yourself to relax and recharge.
  10. Evening yoga.
  11. Taking your makeup off as soon as you can. 
  12. Not scrolling through social media pointlessly. 
  13. Turning off phone notifications [if you can].
  14. Having a little selection of pamper treats on your bedside like lip balm and hand cream.

What are your favourite evening rituals?

R x

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