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The Best Things I've Watched So Far This Year

This might be a bold statement but I truly think this year has been the best for TV in a while. And I love sharing the things that I've loved watching so much as there’s always a good back & forth where you share what you’ve been watching too so I'm never short of suggestions. You might have seen me mention some of these things in my bi-weekly to watch, listen and read posts but here are a few more details on them all.

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AM Routines That Are Making My Mornings Awesome Right Now

The hours before the majority of the world gets up and starts their day is my favourite time to be up and getting stuff done. And if I told my teenage self this news I’m sure she would be horrified and if I had the choice between getting up at 5am or 12pm then I’d pick 5am every single time. My morning routine is something I really treasure as not only do I think it’s integral to start the day off well. But it’s generally the only time I get somewhat to myself without having to worry about everything that I need to get done that day and these are 6 of the things that start my day off really well.

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A June To-Do List

Part of me really cannot believe it’s June and the other part feels like winter lasted approx 5435 years and I’m certainly ready for the promise of more warm days that are hopefully waiting for us this month. So far June is shaping up to be a nice month for me as it’s pretty quiet, April & May were quite busy so I’m looking forward to generally being at home and getting on with work as we all know how much a homebody I am. And this is what I want to achieve in the next 30 days…

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My Most Loved In May

May was a brilliant month, I turned 29, had a week off work, went to the New Forest for the first time and met lots of people I’d only ever got to speak to online before and I bought a new camera! So there were plenty of things that I enjoyed this month and here are the details on a few of them.

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Your Weekend Reading, Watch & Listen List #9

Happy first of the month! Who else can’t believe that we’re already very close to being halfway through 2019? The year seems to fly by now I’m older, I’m sure when I was younger the countdown to the summer holiday’s or Christmas felt like they went on forever but now I’m wishing for time to slow down. The month of June so far is pretty quiet for me which is something I’m looking forward to as it means getting back in the swing of things at home, Edie is also getting spayed this month so that will mean a lot of time downstairs with her so she doesn’t have to tackle the stairs. Anyway, here is this weekends read, watch and listen list for you to scroll through this hopefully sunny Saturday morning.

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5 Fitness Tips For Beginners

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Fitness and going to the gym used to be a very large part of my life but once Josie came bouncing to my life and then Edie followed less than a year later it didn’t leave me much time to myself. But last month I rejoined the gym and in a lot of ways, I feel like a beginner again, even though I’d been a regular for years. So if like me you’re starting your fitness journey from the beginning here are best tips and everything I’m trying to remind myself of at the moment.

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The Joy Of Getting Photographs Printed | AD

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Do you know those little things that you always mean to do but never get round to actually doing? For me, that's getting my photographs printed because I have thousands on my iPhone and hundreds of thousands on my computer and even though they’re backed up. Technology can always fail us, social media platforms can be shut down and if I ever lost all my photographs I’d be devastated. So getting the opportunity to make my own photo books seemed like the perfect chance to finally get some of my most loved images all in one place. I also created one for the dogs to have a place for some of their puppy photographs and that is such a joy to flick through.

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