14 On The Go Essentials

Although it might not look it if you took at a glance at my social media platforms. I spent most of May & June travelling around and spending a lot of time living out of a bag. So over those months I got really good at knowing what are my favourite essentials are for when I'm on the go and I'm excited to share 14 of them with you today. 

RIFLE PAPER CO NOTEPAD: My love for Rifle Paper Co has been well documented on this blog from the day that I purchased my first set of journals. I've always been a girl who prefers lined paper as a left-hander with writing that tends to slope downwards plain has always been a little bit of a nightmare. Lately, though I've been preferring plain just for the freedom to be able to draw little diagrams, add little sticky notes and washi tape. I realise this might sound a little ridiculous if you're not somebody who feels passionately about stationery but if you are then you'll probably understand the struggle of finding a use for plain notepads when you're not someone who draws. As this is a soft cover notepad it's important to be careful when popping them in your bag in case they get damaged. 

PIXI MOISTURISING WIPES*: Face wipes aren't something that I think should ever be used in place of a real cleanser but they're incredibly handy for on the go. As it's currently hay fever season and my eyes tend to stream a lot if the pollen is incredibly high. I need something to help clean up my makeup a little and these are ideal. They're aren't really drying and they mop any mistakes with ease. They're also really handy when on the go to clear up any messes or sticky hands from eating fruit. I'm now starting to understand why my parents always kept wet wipes around when I was a child. 

EYEBROW SPOOLIE: 95% of the time I don't touch up my makeup on the go as it's far too much of a faff. But I've been popping a spare eyebrow spoolie in my bag when I know I'm out of all day as my brows tend to drop and look incredibly sad. I don't know what it is with them but they're just determined to slope down and look miserable. It's such a simple step but it makes all the difference in my overall appearance. 

LULU GUINNESS TANGLE TEEZER*: The original Tangle Teezer has reigned supreme in my hair care routine for years. As my hair is quite long at the moment it gets tangled all too easily so having a small compact brush to hand is key. The Tangle Teezer compacts are ideal because they come with a clip that fits on the brush so that the bristles don't get damaged at all. 

PIXI MAKEUP FIXING MIST*: Whether or not this spray helps your makeup stay on for longer is debatable. But as a quick pick me up throughout the day it's lovely, especially if you're not wearing makeup. Like I said earlier, it's hay fever season and my skin struggles to keep looking perky and this is a great help. 

CLIPPER LIGHTER: I should preface this by saying I don't smoke [not judging anyone else's choices, you do you]. However, lighters have so many uses that they're well worth having around. And if Stephen Fry thinks they're one of the most useful items that you can carry around and then so do I. 

DAVINE O1 HAND BALM*: My hands have been terribly dry lately and my cuticles are even worse than usual. So I've been needing something a little more heavy duty than the Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream*. I've spoken about how much I love this hand balm from Davines in multiple posts so I'll keep it short. It's such a lovely hydrating balm that doesn't feel sticky or tacky on the hands which is a necessity when taking it out and about. 

PRIMARK HAIRBAND: I'm slowly turning into one of those people that can't leave the house with a hair tie in their bag. These strange telephone wire looking ones became popular a couple of years ago and it's easy to see why. They don't leave any kinks in your hair and they hold your hair in place without it slipping down. I get mine from Primark as they're cheap and affordable as they don't last for months like normal hair ties as they stretch out. 

FRESH SUGAR BALM IN ROSE: This balm from Fresh has taken up permanent residence in my handbag. It's got that dreamy Fresh formulation with a hint of rosey pigment. It's just one of those lip products that goes with any makeup look that you're wearing as the pigment isn't as intense as it is with other shades in the line. What makes these balms so good when you're on the go is that the lid screws on. Meaning that it doesn't have the chance to slip off in your bag and ruin not only the product but your bag also. 

BAGSY LIP BALM*: When I just want a balm that I can take on the go without having to worry about dipping my finger in a pot this is what I've been reaching for. I find it incredibly similar to my beloved Fresh balms in formulation but just a little less smooth, almost exfoliating. 

JAWBONE UP2 ACTIVITY TRACKER: Of course, this is normally something that is on my wrist but this post was the perfect chance to talk about it. I'd been looking for an activity tracker for a long time but I could never find one that I actually wanted to wear on my wrist. Until I found the Jawbone activity trackers and saw that there was an oat & rose gold edition and it was love. It's pretty delicate even on my slender wrists for a piece of technology. It connects to your phone with the UP app and it not only logs your activity and sleep. But it also lets you add in your exercise, food, water and mood. I've had this since January and even though it was an investment for me I think it's well worth it if you're into keeping track of your fitness. 

LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER MULTI TASKING BRUSH*: Like I said earlier, I don't tend to touch up my makeup during the day but to give things a quick tidy up I've been loving this brush from Look Good Feel Better. It's a multi-tasking brush that can be used for so many things like foundation, powder, concealer, bronzer, blush and highlighter. It's one of those brushes that you just want to stroke on your skin even when you're not using it because it's so incredibly soft and the quality is beautiful. Compared to other brushes in my collection it's a little longer than I'm used to but I find that gives it more flexibility when using it. The price point sits at a similar place to the likes of Real Techniques and Zoeva so super cost friendly and it's an amazing charity to support. 

What are your on the go essentials?

R x

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