15 Bad Beauty Habits To Break

After writing about my post worthy good beauty habits last week, it only felt right to divulge the details on my bad ones. We all have those habits that we can't quite break and here are 15 of mine.  

  1. Biting the skin around my nails.
  2. Leaving on a pedicure for far too long and just painting over regrowth.
  3. Holding onto beauty products for far too long.
  4. Occasionally having the odd micellar water cleanse.  
  5. Forgetting to use a heat protectant when using hot tools on my hair.
  6. Not brushing my hair for days and just hoping for the best.
  7. Never using up beauty products 100% and saving the remains for years because 'just in case'. 
  8. Only washing my eyebrow powder brush about twice a year. 
  9. Peeling nail polish off. 
  10. Always forgetting to use a deep conditioner. 
  11. Biting dead skin off my lips instead of using an exfoliator. 
  12. Picking mascara off come 4pm.
  13. Over plucking eyebrows. 
  14. Not getting enough haircuts.
  15. Forgetting to apply moisturiser down my neck.

What are your bad beauty habits?

R x

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