Creating A Minimal Wardrobe & Decluttering

Every summer without fail I purge everything I own. From beauty products to shoes and even my underwear draw. I want to create a more minimal way of living, my room is full of things I don't use so it's time to see them go. Last weekend I completely purged my wardrobe, I was hoarding a lot of things that don't even fit me anymore. I plan on creating a more capsule wardrobe for myself in the upcoming months. Today I wanted to share with you how I've decluttered and started my journey to a more way of minimal living.


I'm a sucker for holding onto items that hold sentimental value for me. I just can't help myself. Thoughts like oh I wore this on my first date with my boyfriend or I purchased during university are thoughts I had to banish from my brain when decluttering. If I hadn't worn it in months and couldn't think of any ways I would wear it then out it went. Items that didn't fit me and couldn't even work as oversized were the first to go, which was probably the hardest thing to do. A lot of items that I truly loved were simply too big for me and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't justify keeping them. 


As I'd tipped everything I own out of my wardrobe it gave me the chance to give it a really deep clean. It's amazing how much dust can gather in the corners believe me. Having a freshly cleaned environment to hang my possessions back into felt awesome. As everything I owned was on the floor it gave me the chance to properly organise everything. My wardrobe goes in the order of; jumpers, dresses, shirts, t-shirts and smart tops. Then all really basic items and gym wear is rolled up and stored in a hanging rack. I don't like to fold my clothes as I find that is how things get lost among the clutter. A staple for me is non-slip hangers, I pick mine up from Primark. They're so slim and they don't take up any unnecessary space and keep your clothes looking neat and tidy. 


When organising my clothes I make two piles; one for selling and one for donating. If I own anything that can be donated then off it goes to my local charity shop, never throw out anything that could help someone in need. During my latest purge, a lot of the items that needed to go had barely been worn so I wanted to sell them. I've always used eBay, but I was a little bored of waiting a week to sell things so I decided to give Depop a whirl. It's like Instagram but for selling clothes and it's incredibly simple to use. The selling fee's are around the same amount as eBay so personally I think I will be sticking to selling on Depop from now as it's so easy. If you fancy browsing at some of the items I'm selling my username is: fromroses.


Once everything is clean and tidy it's time for the really fun bit, the new rules for a better & more minimal wardrobe. I've made myself some ground rules that are the following:

  1. No two items can be the same, striped Bretons can be different ok... 
  2. If it's not been worn in two months then it's sold or donated. 
  3. No shopping seasonal trends, classic pieces only. 
  4. If the piece can't be transitioned into at least 5 outfits then it's not allowed.
  5. Basic items like t-shirts and camisoles (to go under jumpers in the winter) will be repurchased every 6-8 months.
  6. When going into a new season 5-7 new pieces can be bought. 
  7. No bright colours - you know they don't suit you. 
  8. Have a small clear out every month and then a large one every season. 

This might sound like a strict regime to stick to, but I want to create a wardrobe that really brings me joy, not one that I look at and can never find anything to wear. 

Are you a fan of the capsule wardrobe and how do you like to declutter?

R x

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