15 Beauty Rituals To Make Part Of Your Daily Routine

I'm always trying to add awesome beauty rituals into my routine that can do nothing but good things for me and here are 15 of my favourites.  

  1. Only using shampoo through the roots and not running it through the ends.
  2. Running moisturiser down the neck and chest area and using any excess on of top of hands. 
  3. Using a deep cleansing mask at least once a week.
  4. Not sleeping with my hair up. 
  5. Letting breakouts breathe a little and not overloading them with products. 
  6. Cleansing and moisturising even on the days I'm not wearing makeup. 
  7. Instead of using a towel on wet hair using an old t-shirt. 
  8. Not biting the skin around my nails. 
  9. Always washing my hands before I touch my face or applying product. 
  10. Moisturising my body daily, pretty boring but it makes a huge difference. 
  11. Same goes for  hands, cuticles and feet. 
  12. Always using a lip balm with an SPF. 
  13. Staying hydrated and keeping on top of my water intake for the day. 
  14. Washing hairbrushes once a week. 
  15. Get regular haircuts and use regular treatments. In the long run these two things can work wonders for your precious tresses. 


What are your favourite beauty rituals? 

R x

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